Friday, September 1, 2017

small crochet flower

I came across some clearance embroidery floss the other day.. 10 cents each.. down from 43 cents.. in perfect colors for flowers... way too good of a deal to pass up..  fits in to the cuff style bracelets out of crochet thread beautifully...

here is one of the flowers so far

gauge isn't important, just try to keep your stitches even

I used a size B1/2.25mm hook for both the center and outer pieces

The outer flower petals are made with DMC 3608, center petals are made with 3689 .. I did not separate the floss as I was happy with the thickness, if you do you may need to go with a smaller hook size

in the center of the flower I stitched in one bright pink size 6/0 seed bead

ch= chain
sl st= slip stitch
dc3tog= yarn over hook, insert hook into ring, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops..  yarn over insert into ring, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loops....  yarn over insert hook into ring, pull up a loop,  yarn over, draw through two loops... yarn over pull through four remaining loops

tr3tog= yarn over hook twice, insert into ring pull up a loop pull through two loops, yarn over pull through two loops.. yarn over the hook twice insert into ring, pull up a loop, pull through two loops, yarn over pull through two loops... yarn over the hook twice insert into ring, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through two loop, yarn over pull through two loops, yarn over pull through four remaining loops

Outer flower petals
ch 6, join with a sl st to form ring
*ch3, trb3tog, ch3, sl st into ring* five times, fasten off

Center flower petals
ch 5, join with a sl st to form ring
*ch3, dc3tog, ch3, sl st into ring* four times, fasten off

seam smaller flower petals to the inside of the larger outer petals, add bead


Friday, August 25, 2017

Redheart Ombre

                          Been looking forward to playing with the new Redheart yarns for some time now.. having seen the emails about them for ages .. I have been checking our local stores every time I go shopping, as if I wouldn't hit the yarn isle otherwise lol.. finally one store had some labels on the shelves..   the store stocked one color only .. and only a few of them .. I got one skein of True Blue Ombre ..  took another couple of weeks before they stocked more..
love the smooth color changes from light to dark and back again in the same color hue. It is soft but not a big fan of the loose weave of it.. not bad enough to stop using or not get it again though.. I did find one knot.. however it was well placed color wise..  never missed a beat.. all in all I am happy with it..

I made my first pineapple shawl with it.. ran out before the trim ( using just one skein ) I wasn't sure if I wanted the trim to begin with.. the edging of the pineapples is so pretty as it is..
I used the pineapple peacock shawl free pattern on Ravelry ( link below ), the pattern calls for bulky yarn but worked well with worsted weight, I used the same hook size called for.. bit looser stitches also worked well .. I found it to be easy to follow

                                                   on ravelry pineapple peacock shawl

Right now I am playing with Spearmint and the virus shawl.. The weave is tighter and the yarn a bit thinner, easier to work with.. colors are great .. all in all love it

next up will be something made with the violet color way.. this skein is even tighter woven and thinner.. still loving the colors..

Monday, August 7, 2017

Where to find my patterns

Cooler weather is just around the corner .... start getting ready now..

knit and crochet items make great homemade gifts

Find my pattern at you favorite site





Sunday, August 6, 2017

Virus shawl

I have been wanting to do a Virus shawl for some time now.. put everything on hold to give it a go .. I used Lions Brand Mandala in Phoenix, with a H/5.00mm ... love it.. so easy to remember the repeats .. will be making more of these ... the yarn is a new favorite as well

virus shawl

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Doggie Sweater revisit

UPDATE: This turned out to be her sweater of choice

Doggie Sweater
Little dog is kind of picky about what she will wear. She can't have her paws going through anything at all, her last sweater had sleeves....once on it was all good but the getting on part was always a issue, hates to have her paws touched.....
She likes to have her back, belly and lower neck covered.....nothing else. Oh and the neck needs to be a pull over style.
So this is what I came up with.....
The belly flap fits a wide range of sizes, and can easily be adjusted, as every part can be.

Doggie SweaterThe body of the pattern is knit flat starting from the tail end working up to the belly flap with button holes.
The neck is low set on shoulders, made in pull over ( turtle neck style) 2 by 2 ribbing, done in the round. The legs are left “open” for ease of walking and getting on doggie :D

16 inches long by 23 inches wide ( with belly flap )
Size 9 US needles dpns or cable needles
Gauge 4 stitches by 5 ½ rows per one inch done in straight stitch
Parts of this pattern knit both flat and in the round
3 one inch buttons
210 yards of worsted weight
k = knit
kf/b = knit into the front and back of the next stitch
k1 tbl = knit 1 stitch through the back loop
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
2 by 2 ribbing = knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches, repeat, continue in this manner
Tail end of the bodyCast on 46 stitches
Knit 10 rows
1 ) k1, kf/b, knit to last 2 stitches, kf/b, k1
2 ) knit
3 - 4 ) repeat rows 1 and 2
5 - 6 ) knit
Repeat rows 1 - 6 until you have 60 stitches on your needles
Belly flapKnit to end, increase 20 stitches using single cast on method.
K20 tbl ( to tighten new stitches ), knit to end
Knit 2 rows
Button holesKnit to last 5 stitches, bind off 3 stitches, k2
K3, increase 3 stitches, knit to end
Knit to last 8 stitches, k6 tbl, k2
Knit 11 rows
Knit to last 5 stitches, bind off 3 stitches, k2
K3, increase 3 stitches, knit to end
Knit to last 8 stitches, k6 tbl, k2
Knit 11 rows
Knit to last 5 stitches, bind off 3 stitches, k2
K3, increase 3 stitches, knit to end
Knit to last 8 stitches, k6 tbl, k2
Knit 2 rows
Bind off 20 stitches, knit to end
Front legs portionKnit 8 rows
K1, k2tog, knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1
Repeat last 2 rows until you have 50 stitches ( this creates a curve going up to the neck )
Knit 4 rows
NeckKnit to end increase by 20 stitches and join in the round
Knit to last 10 stitches k10 tbl
2 by 2 ribbing for 4 inches
Bind off in pattern.
Weave in ends and sew on buttons.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Yes Yes Shawl

                                                  I love this pattern.. fun and free yippee...
 I used Lion Brand's Mandala in Valkyrie .. totally love the look.. only problem is I started to run out of yarn before the last repeat of 4 rows was done.. not wanting to give up the length or color change up.. I skipped the 3rd row repeat and added an row of trebles instead of dc's .. kept the over look of the pattern going.. Think I might end the next one with trebles as well.

yes yes shawl on Raverly

My last row ...
ch5, (treble (tr) around back post (bp) of dc , ch1)x's 7 , * ch2, hdc around chain 6 space of previous row, ch 6, hdc around next ch 6 space, ch 2, (treble around back post, ch1)x's 8 repeat from * to center stitches, tr in dc from previous row, ch2, tr in next dc skipping center ch2 space , ch1, * ( tr bp, ch2 )x's 8, hdc around chain 6 space of previous row, ch6, hdc around next ch6 space, ch 2, repeat from * to last cluster, (tr bp, ch1)x's 8, tr into the third start up ch of previous row.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

mindless knit shawl even easier with color changing yarn

There are times when you want to make things without a lot of thought.. well at least there are for me lol..... a few years back I started make these shawls.. lost count on how many long ago .. I needed to try the new Lion's Brand Mandala ... fell for their color ways hard.. got just one..
thinking I could just make one scarf size I started out.. then I came across just one more... in another color way on sale.. half price..  at this point I was liking how it was working up so much I didn't want to stop, so I grabbed it up thinking about half of the colors would work nicely but the other colors not so much.. I did me some cutting.. kept the darker colors and later added them to another skein I got on clearance.. I thought it was a pretty good match up
 This is a top down crochet shawl pattern by Red Heart..
get it free here top-down shawl
 I then came across just one skein of the first color way I used .. all at the same store.. at this point I am thinking what a mess their store room must be to keep coming up with these one at a time lol.. but half price no way I could pass on it.. so now it must become a large shawl.. scarf be damned ;) ..
I love the look of it .. the super soft feel of the yarn.. the drape ( used a 10.5 needle so a bit larger then called by the yarn maker ) ..
a day after getting the last skein my mom comes by with two more for me.. full price :( .. I happened to go back to the store the next day and the rest of them were marked down.. got me a few more lol.. thinking more shawls are on the way :D
the pattern can be found on the link below

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lace Top Bag
I adapted a lace pattern called little arrowhead lace, for the opening of this bag. It’s in many pattern stitch books, including harmony guides and different sock books.

10 yards Frosty Green Redheart worsted weight
16 yards Aspen Print Redheart worsted weight
34 yards Café Redheart worsted weight
Size 6 ½” by 7 ¼”
Size 8US dpns
Exact gauge is not essential to this project

Kbl = knit through the back loop
Psso = pass slid stitch over
Yf = yarn forward
Yo = yarn over needle
K2tog = knit 2 together

Cast on 31 stitches with Frosty Green, join in the round.
1) k1, *yf, sl 1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, yf, k1* repeat to end
2) knit
3) k2, *yf, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yf, k3* repeat to last 5 sts yf, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yf, k2.
4) knit
5) repeat 1 - 4
Change color to Aspen Print.
9 - 11 knit
12) *k5, yo* repeat to last st. k1.
13) *k5, Kbl* repeat to last st. k1.
14) *k5, yo, k1, yo* repeat to last st. k1.
15) *k5, Kbl, k1, Kbl*, to last stitch k1.
16 - 21 knit
Change color to Café.
22) knit
23) purl
24 - 26 knit
27) purl
28 - 30 knit
31) purl
32) knit
33) * k5, k2tog, * to last stitch k1
34) knit
35) * k5, k2tog, * to end
36) purl
37) * k5, k2tog, * to last stitch k1
38) knit
39) * k5, k2tog, * to last 3 stitches, k3
40) knit
41) * k5, k2tog, * to end
42) knit
43) * k2tog, * to end
44) knit
45) * k2tog, * to end

Cut yarn thread through remaining stitches, weave in end securely. Weave in all other ends. Make I-cord about 24” long, or to desired length. Weave through first row of lace yo’s cloeset to body of bag.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Magnet Bed Socks

Magnet Bed Socks

My father has been using magnets for pain relief for years now.
I made him some anklets, but he was having trouble with wearing them at night.
He had a semi truck run over his ankle when he was young ( they had to roll it over his ankle again to get him unhooked from between the tires ) he is very lucky to even still have a foot. They didn't think he would ever walk on it again, but before he was even out of the cast he was up and running. However it did leave him with pain most of the time.
So a bed sock seemed like just the answer. It's pretty basic with a few little changes here and there.

Magnet Bed Socks
Fits men’s shoe size 10 to10½ US.
200yds worsted weight yarn ( I used Redheart Super Saver in black )
Size 6US & 8US dpns. Set of 5 each
24 small disk shaped bead magnets with holes for sewing
Sewing needle ( small enough to go through the beads )
Black thread
Yarn needle
Gauge 4sts. by 6 rows = 1”
Cast on 40
place on four size 8 dpns evenly. Being careful not to twist stitches
1 by 1 ribbing for 5”
Knit even for 1 ½ ”
Heel Flap
Knit needle # 1 with sz. 6 dpns, turn and sl 1, purl all the way across needles # 1 and # 4, keeping all heel stitches ( 20 ) on one needle. You will not be working with needles # 3 & # 4 for the heel flap.
Work heel flap for 2 ½ ” as follows
Sl 1, k to end
Sl 1, p to end
End with a knit row.
Round heel
Sl 1, p11, p2tog, p1 turn
Sl 1, k5, k2tog, k1 turn
Sl 1 at the start of each row, knit or purl ( depending on the row your on ) to one before gap, decrease over gap, knit or purl one more stitch and turn.
Repeat until all stitches have been worked ending with purl row ( decrease will be the last stitch )
Pick up stitches along gusset ( still using smaller needles ), making one stitch on each side of heel flap ( using the bar between ) knitting into the back loop of all picked up stitches, to avoid holes.
I kept to the smaller needles on the soles and larger on the tops of the feet to give a stronger sole, yet stay a little more “roomy” on top.
After picking up stitches on right side, knit across needles # 2 & # 3 using sz. 8 dpns. Then pick up stitches on left side ( needle # 4 ).
Knit to center of heel using needle # 4, place stitches back on 4 dpns, by sliding the other half of the heel stitches to needle # 1. You should have half the heel stitches and the gusset stitches on needle # 1 ( sz. 6 ). 10 stitches on needle # 2 & # 3 each ( sz. 8 ) and the other side gusset and heel stitches on needle # 4 ( sz. 6 ).
Knit one round.
Start gusset decreases
Knit to last three stitches of needle # 1 then k2tog, k1. Knit across needles #2 & # 3 to needle # 4, k1, k2tog through the back loop, k to end of round.
Knit next round.
Keep decreasing in this manner until you have 10st.s left on gusset needles.
Knit for 6”, switch to all smaller sized needles, knit for ½ ” ( for a total of 6½ “ from end of heel ) this adds to the strength for the tops of the toes.
Needle # 1: k to last 3 sts., k2tog, k1.
Needle # 2: k1, ssk, k to end of needle.
Needle # 3: k to last 3 sts., k2tog, k1.
Needle # 4: k1, ssk, k to end of needle.
Knit next round.
Repeat decreases until you have 6st.s remaining on each needle. Graft together, weave in ends.
Adding magnets
I used 12 small disk shaped magnetic hematite beads sewn flat onto the wrong side of the ankle. When sewing magnetic beads in make sure to do so individually as well as all the way around each bead. This will assure your stretch ability and keep them securely in place.

Warning : Mangets should not be used with persons with pacemakers or insulin pumps, as well as pregnant women.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tunnel Lace Cloth

Tunnel Lace Cloth

This cloth was made using the Tunnel lace stitch found in one of the Harmony guides with a simple knit stitch broader.

Very quick and easy to knit up. By keeping your stitches on the loose side with the yarn overs in the first row the second row is much easier to knit. It also helps with the p3togs, in the forth row. So keep it nice and relaxed.

Size 8US needles
64 yds ( approximately ) worsted weight cotton shown in Sugar & Cream’s Summer Set
Exact gauge is not essential to this project, knitting loosely with make things go much smoother
9” by 9 ” approximately
k = knit
p = purl
p3tog = purl 3 stitches together
yon = yarn over needle
yfrn = yarn forward and around needle
* * = repeat instructions between as many times as indicated
Stitches should only be counted after the forth row.

Cast on 35 stitches
Knit 4 rows
1) k3, p2, *yon, k1, yfrn, p2,* repeat to last 3 stitches, k3
2) k5, *p3, k2,* repeat to last 3 stitches, k3
3) *k3, p2,* repeat to last 3 stitches, k3
4) k5, *p3tog, k2,* repeat to last 3 stitches, k3
Repeat rows 1 thru 4, nine more times
Knit 4 rows, bind off. Weave in ends.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yo yo Scrubby revisited

Yo yo Scrubby

4 ½” across, 2” tall
19 yards of worsted weight 100% cotton
18 yards of worsted weight 100% acrylic
Size 11 US needles
Thread needle

Cast on 29 sts with acrylic.
Row 1: k1, yo, k3tog, * yo, k2tog * repeat to last stitch, yo, k1.
Row 2: k1, kf/b, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.
Change to cotton, leaving acrylic uncut.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 carrying unused yarn along seam. Switching colors every 2 rows, for a total of 14 repeats ending in cotton. Bind off, leaving tail for seaming.

Sew the cast on edge to the bind off edge wrong side facing. Weave in loose ends leaving tail.
With tail, thread through closest edge weaving in and out ( drawstring style ), pull tight to close hole. Turn right side out, using same tail weave open edge in same manner, pull tight. Secure center by stitching through center a few times, weave in end.

Turn on side, tie securely in middle with cotton yarn leaving long end with a slip knot, for yo yo string, making sure both sides are even.
kf/b = knit in front and back of same stitch.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

cat derrière coasters free crochet pattern revisit

While I am busy working on my next project I decided to share a few from the past ..

cat derrière coasters free crochet pattern

 I US hook ( 5.50mm)
3/4 yard of pink 100% cotton worsted weight
11 1/2 yard of main color 100% cotton worsted weight
Exact gauge is not essential to this project

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
increase = 2 single crochets in same stitch
sl st = slip stitch

1) sc 6 into magic circle using pink join, cut yarn and fasten off.
2) ch1 in any sc of ring, sc1 in same stitch, sc twice in all stitches using main color, join with first sc
3) ch2, sc in same space as join to top ch of ch2 counting as first increase here and through out pattern, sc1, *increase, sc1* to end of round join
4) *increase, sc2* to end of round join
5) *increase, sc3* to end of round join
6) *increase, sc4* to end of round join
7) ch7, sc in second ch from hook through back bar, sc in same manner to end of chains, slip stich to next sc to fasten back to body, sl st 14,* ch 4, sc3 starting in second ch from hook through back bar, sl st on to body in next sc** ( first leg done ), sl st 4, repeat from* to ** fasten off.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pattern sale on Raverly

Buy any one of my pay patterns and get one of equal or lesser value free.. starting at 5:00 pm ( US mountain time ) June 13 2017 until June 30 2017 12:00 am.. no coupon or code needed

on Raverly only.. to see all patterns please click link below


due to the nature of instant downloads no exchanges or refunds will be given


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Basic dish cloth, scrubby and small round cloth/coaster pattern set

                                   Basic dish cloth, scrubby and small round cloth/coaster

I have recently been gifted some 2oz. size skeins of 100% cotton yarn, worsted weight.. as I am sure they most likely will bleed when washed, I decided to make simple dish cloths and scrubbies for home use .... although I have made these for gifts and for sell with color fast yarn they go fast..
Each set uses less than one skein of the cotton and a few yards of Tulle. I have used the scrubby yarn by Red Heart and love it.. either work well, but if you want a lower cost option go with the Tulle, I buy it by the yard and cut into 2 inch wide strips, no need to worry about perfect cuts as it won't show when done..
here's the basic patterns...
gauge doesn't matter

the cloth is worked it double half crochet, with a single crochet trim
mine is 7.5 inches wide and about 9 inches long with trim

chain 24, double half crochet for 21 rows or so.. I had enough left over to do another row or two, ( I do crochet on the loose side.. )
instead of cutting the yarn and fastening off to do the trim I passed the skein through the last loop to fasten off and chained one doing a single crochet ( 3 around corners ) around the whole thing..

I used 3 sizes crochet hooks
N-9.00mm for the Tulle.. if you cut it into smaller strips you can get away with a smaller hook size but I find it tends to break if you pull your stitches to snug them up..

size J/10-6.00mm for the first round off cotton

and size K/10.5-6.50mm for the single crochet trim

using tulle and size N hook
chain 4, slip stitch join into the first chain
chain 3, double crochet 11 into ring
fasten off.

I switched to size J hook and cotton yarn using 3 strains at a time check out how to with one skein here .. in any of the double crochet stitch of the last round join the cotton chain 3 and double crochet in the same place.. 2 double crochets in each stitch going around, join with a slip stitch
for a smooth trim without the need to increase I went to a larger size hook.. size K
chain 1, single crochet around and fasten off...

I still had a bit of yarn left over .. not wanting it to get mixed in I decided to use it up with a small round cloth, about 4.5 inches
can be used as a face cloth or coaster ( after testing for color bleeding if using this yarn )

size J hook
1) chain 2, single crochet into the first chain 10 times, slip stitch join into the first single crochet
2) chain 3, double crochet into same space, 2 double crochet into each stitch, slip stitch join into the top of the chain 3
3) chain 3, double crochet in same space, *1 double crochet in the next stitch, two double crochet in the next* repeat* to end join into the top of the chain 3
4) ch 1 single crochet into the same space, 2 single crochets in each stitch around fasten off

 for a easy download of these patterns go to


Friday, February 24, 2017

Tip SCF join in the round

SCF join in the round

 been using the single foundation stitch for head bands like crazy.. needed a smooth join.. this is it ... love it .. well worth the watch

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tips crochet I cord and jogless stripes

crochet i cord 
I needed a I cord to finish a project but didn't have a dpn with me... came across this sweet..

Crocheted Jogless Stripes
 This I came across one day by chance...nice


Classic fingerless gloves with longer thumb gusset

 I was asked if I could add on to the gusset without changing the rest of the glove.. adjusted only one round ... same fit, more of the thumb covered ... I used I Love This Yarn in Brileybug for the new ones..

Classic fingerless gloves with longer thumb gusset
Size 9 US dpns or circular needles
gauge 7 sts. by 11 rows per 2 inches
76 yards of worsted weight yarn

Both gloves made the same

k = knit
knit = knit all stitches of that round
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
kf/b = knit the front loop like normal, then knit the back loop of the same stitch making a one stitch increase
p = purl
psso = pass slid stitch over stitch just worked
sl st = slide stitch purl wise
( )x = repeat instructions inside of brackets as many times as the number after the x indicates
cast on 30 stitches
1) k1, p1
2) p1, k1
3) k1, p1
4) p1, k1
5) k1, p1
6) p1, k1
7) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, k1, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6, p1
8) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6
9) k1, p1
10 - 13) knit
14) ( k2tog, k11 )x 2
15 - 24) knit
25) kf/b stitch marker, k22, stitch marker, kf/b
26) knit
27) k1, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k1
28) knit
29) k2, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k2
30) knit
31) k3, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k3
32 - 33) knit
34) knit to end of round, knit 5 off ( gusset stitches ) next round, turn, p10 turn k5
35) k27, * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat until all of the thumb gussets stitches are worked ( all stitches between stitch markers )
36) k20, kf/b
37) kf/b into the next stitch joining in the round again, knit the rest of the round
38 - 44) knit
bind off as * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat to end, fasten down, weave in ends

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

quick update

Things have been really hard around here for a few months now...
my hubby started feeling weak one day .. first week of October.. 3 days later he couldn't move anything below his shoulders..
almost 3 week in ICU later they sent us home... ( I stayed with him the whole time.. he was sent to another state as they couldn't help here ).. GBS .. Guillain-Barré syndrome...
 left us without any money coming in and hubby needing full time care..
 his heart rate went to 120..140 resting.. the therapy they wanted to do was raising it to dangerous levels.. told hey if he has a stroke we can just treat it after... this after being told to go home after the first ER visit.. even thought the doc he had just seen told him it was GBS..  could have keep him from losing total movement..
trying hard to keep things going...