Friday, May 13, 2011

shawl pattern idea, mindless knit

I needed to do a mindless knit....

I grabbed the first yarn I came across in my odds and ends bag ( larger sized scraps and yarn without any plans ) ......when that ran out I grabbed more...... same with needles, used the ones that happened to be in the bag......

no counting, no gauge, no anything, just knitting.......

I put a marker in the center stitch to make things nice and easy....

did 2 increases in each row, stuck to the ends and middle

I stayed with a simple yo

no cares at all

it was great

I used worsted weight yarn as well as some fun fur and other novelty yarns

the needles were a size 11 US

cast on 5 stitches

1) k1, yo, knit to the last stitch, yo, k1

2 ) knit until the center stitch yo, knit center stitch, yo, knit to end

I kept knitting until I liked the size
bind off and weave in ends

I will admit to putting in a bit of thought but not much lol...... I knew I would be using at lot of different yarns so to keep things even ( sort of ) I added the novelty yarns on the "wrong" side as well as the variegated yarn....
by even I mean, not all of the ends of the added in yarns were on the same side, there for the thickness that weaving the ends adds was on both edges

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