Sunday, May 24, 2009

The rains are here

The rains have started. Now for someone with a garden around here that's both good and bad. No need to water anything that's true, but that means things you didn't water are growing as well !!! We have weeds spring up at a unbelievable rate.
With all the rain, flooding, lightening, and winds there hasn't been much working outside the past few days. We've been running out there every time we can, but you can just see them growing right were you just picked them. The rest of the garden is doing really well, even my herbs YAHOO I've wanted fresh herbs from my own garden as long as I can recall. And they are STILL ALIVE : )
Well in the mean time I've had more time to knit yippee. Like I wouldn't be anyhow ;) I do have a few patterns I'll be putting up soon.
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