Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heart Lace Soap Bag

Heart Lace Soap Bag
This soap bag is made as part of a set, so the hearts match the washcloth. There is a heart on each side.
Holds a bath size bar.
24 yards worsted weight cotton yarn, shown in Peaches & Crème’s Shaded Pastels.
Size 8 US dpns. Set of 4.
Gauge 4 sts. by 6 rows per 1”
Kf/b = knit into the front and back of the next stitch.
Cast on 7 sts.
Kf/b of each stitch.( 14 )
Place on 3 dpns, join in the round knitting the first round.
Kf/b of each stitch. ( 28 )
Knit 2 rounds.
Row 1: ( k1, yo, k2tog, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, skp, yo, k2 )x 2.
Row 2: knit.
Row 3: * k2, ( yo, k4tog, yo, k3 )x 2 * repeat.
Row 4: knit.
Row 5: ( k2, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, skp, k3 )x 2.
Row 6: knit.
Row 7: ( k1, k2tog, yo, k7, yo, skp, k2 )x 2.
Row 8: knit.
Row 9: ( k2tog, yo, k9, yo, skp, k1 )x 2.
Row10: knit.
Repeat rows 1 thru 3.
Knit 4 rounds.
* k2tog, yo * to end.

Knit 2 rounds, bind off. Weave in ends. On the bottom one weave in a circular manner ( see photo ) to close up hole.

Make cord using your favorite method, about 12” to 14”. I made one using a crochet chain. Wind through the yarn overs at the top and tie, for your drawstring.


croandknitaholic said...

cannot print pattern

BarbSz said...

I'm sorry I'm not sure how to fix that on this site. I do have it as a free pdf on Ravelry.:)