Sunday, December 27, 2015

blizzard in the desert

The snow started around 12:30 pm Saturday.. by the time we left for the store about a hour later this was the view of our road
it was coming down hard  ..
you couldn't see more than a few yards.. this photo is of hwy 70.. the car just ahead of us can't be seen...

we stopped to take a few photos in the yard.. in 28 years of living here in the desert we have never seen so much snow ( I don't own a jacket, very happy for my knit and crochet wear )
our fenced garden was turned into an igloo

before sunset you couldn't see feet ahead of you
 hours before it stopped ...

by the time it let up to flurries we were buried in at least 9 inches of snow..

by midday Sunday we could see the sky and mts again.. not looking good for our beaver tail and other cactus     
beautiful true.. many deadly things are.. more than 3000 people, blocks from us were without power through out the night.. roads were covered in black ice.. many accidents .. Brent couldn't get out of the driveway to even try the 45 min. run to work.. lost holiday pay plus a days wage.. not going to be easy.. but we are lucky we have a home.. food.. and each other...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ruffled Crochet Wrist Warmers


I didn't count gauge or yardage, as I was making these for me I wasn't thinking of writing up the pattern.. but I love them so much I thought I'd share anyway... I crochet on the loose side, the 16 foundation stitches fit my wrist ( just over 6 inches ) a bit loose... adjust the amount of chains to fit your wrist or the size needed.. I used less than half a skein of Icelandic Jewels ( bulky weight, 129 yards per skein ) now discontinued ( using up my older end pieces ) .. as far as bulky yarn goes it's on the lighter side

both warmers made the same
First chain 1 does not count as a stitch, make first stitch in the same space, joining with the first stitch not the chain 1 through out the pattern

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet

1 ) ch16 join with slip stitch
2 -5 ) ch1,  sc to end using the back loop only, join
6 ) ch1, sc twice in first stitch, sc to end of round, join
7)  ch1, sc twice in first two stitches, sc to end of round, join
8)  ch1, sc twice in first stitch, sc 2 stitches, sc twice in next stitch , sc to end of round, join
9 ) ch1, sc to end, join
10 ) ch3, skip 5 stitches, sc to end, join
11 ) ch1, sc 2 around ch2 stitches of previous row, sc to end, join
12 - 15 )  ch1, sc to end, join fasten off. ... I wanted the fingers covered a bit more.. check to make sure you like the length.

using the chain foundation ( front loop ) ch2 in same space dc once, dc 2 in each stitch around join with the top of the ch2 stitches, fasten off. weave in all ends.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

easy knit cowl

Made a knit stitch cowl for my friend... used size 15 US needles.. cast on 55 stitches and just knit flat until I was almost out of a full skein of Lion's Brand Home spun... seemed together.. came out so comfy and looks great on her

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Free reindeer pouch pattern

When I first starting crocheting I signed up for email from All free crochet patterns ( see link ) I have found some really cool patterns this way and learned a lot...
All free crochet patterns

When they sent a link for this one I had to give it a go..
Reindeer pouch

I didn't have dark brown yarn for the antlers so went with tweed.. made them with 2 strands held together.. also added a strap ( 2 single crochets ) .. very quick fun pattern :D

As I wanted to make more reindeer patterns I really needed to find some dark brown.. I almost gave up again after trying 3 times... I found some stuck in back of the bottom rack ( had to get on my knees and reach in the darkness.. lol ) at Joann's.. on sale :D that meant I still had my 60% off coupon to use :D :D  I had been sent there to get myself something for our 31 anniversary ( I really prefer it this way.. I get what I want without spending a lot... double win ) always loved stuffed animals when I saw this booklet it had to come home.. going to get started on it soon as I get one more reindeer done as I now have that dark brown yarn... life is good  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Reindeer

Happy Reindeer

I ran across this free pattern from Lion Brand... wasn't look for a red nose reindeer this time so changed it just a bit... very easy and CUTE :D