Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1 by 1 revisited warmers, adult size

1 by 1 revisited warmers, adult size

Size 9 US dpns

gauge 10 rows by 11 stitches ( including purl stitches relaxed in the back ground ) per 2 inches in 1 by 1 ribbing 
approximately 66 yards of worsted weight yarn
Both warmers made the same

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

1 2 3 Ripple Crochet Scarf

1 2 3 Ripple Crochet Scarf
one skein of with love by Red Heart in Water Lilly  ( 180 yds medium worsted weight )
Size J hook ( 6. mm )
gauge not important to this project.. ( I do crochet on the loose side )

sc = single crochet
dc = single crochet
tr = treble crochet

Size can easily be adjusted by making a longer foundation chain ...  you with of course need more yarn than :)

Chain 125

Rounds 1 - 3 are worked through the back loop only
All rounds are worked along both sides of the foundation ch

1) sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc to last ch, in last ch 3sc ( place marker in center stitch ) turn and continue to work along the opposite of beg ch, sc to end of foundation ch, 2sc in last chain

2) Join through back loop, ch3, 2dc in same space as join, dc to marker, 6dc ( place marker in center stitch ), dc to last stitch, 3dc

3) Join through back loop, ch4, 2tr in same space as join, tr to marker, 6tr, tr to last stitch, 3tr

4) join through both loops, 2ch, sc into same space as join, ch,  ( sc, ch, sc, ch ) in each stitch to end fasten off.


Baby socks free pattern online

red heart baby socks

I came across this pattern on Red Heart had to give it a try .. the photo doesn't really match up with the size of the sock given in the pattern.. it is for a 6 to 9 month old comes out better looking than the photo shows in my option...
I did make a couple of changes.. I made the cuff and leg just a bit longer so the could fold over.. I went with 8 rows of each... I also grafted the toes at 12 stitches ( counting both needles ) instead of 8 as called for.. but made as the pattern calls for would give you a nice baby sock :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Small ( child size ) standard fingerless gloves

Small standard fingerless gloves ( model is 8 years olds ) love how the photo came out.. it was taken from the side lol

Size 8 US dpns or circular needles
gauge 8 sts. by 10.5 rows per 2 inches
50 yards of worsted weight

 Both gloves made the same

k = knit
knit = knit all stitches of that round
kf/b = knit the front loop like normal, then knit the back loop of the same stitch making a one stitch increase
k1 tbl = knit one stitch through back loop
1 by 1 = knit one, purl one to end of row
( )x = repeat instructions inside of brackets as many times as the number after the x indicates

cast on 24 stitches

1 - 12 ) 1 by 1

13 ) k4,  ( yo, k8 )x 2,  yo,  k4

14 ) k4,  ( k1tbl,  k8 )x2,  k1 tbl,  k4

15- 18 ) knit

19 ) kf/b x2,  knit to end

20 ) knit

21 ) kf/b,  k2,  kf/b,  knit to end

22 ) knit

23 ) kf/b,  k4,  kf/b,  knit to end

24 ) bind off 9,  knit to last stitch,  kf/b

25 ) joining over thumb opening,  kf/b,  knit to end

26 - 29 ) knit

30 - 31 ) 1 by 1

bind off in 1 by 1, weave in ends

Monday, August 3, 2015

Quick one pot stove top tuna casserole

I've been asked a few times how I make my tuna casserole ... so here it is
Tuna casserole

2 lbs of elbow noodles
12 oz can of light tuna in water
3 cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup ( 10.5 oz )
bag of frozen peas
about half a cup of onion, chopped
Morton's Nature's Seasons ( seasoning blend )
 sea salt
garlic powder

Cook noodles in large pot, with a touch of sea salt and garlic powder added to the water before boiling
drain noodles .. do not rinse .. set aside

in pot add peas, onion and soups  ( I put a few ozs of water in the bottom of one can and stir to get all the soup out.. moving same water to the next can and so on.. add to mixture in pot )
add tuna after draining
add seasoning blend to taste... mix heating just a bit, over low heat.. onions should stay crisp..
mix in noodles .. let set for a minute or two .. serve warm

this makes a large pot .. feeds us four plus left overs.. left overs good rewarmed or cold