Friday, February 24, 2017

Tip SCF join in the round

SCF join in the round

 been using the single foundation stitch for head bands like crazy.. needed a smooth join.. this is it ... love it .. well worth the watch

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tips crochet I cord and jogless stripes

crochet i cord 
I needed a I cord to finish a project but didn't have a dpn with me... came across this sweet..

Crocheted Jogless Stripes
 This I came across one day by chance...nice


Classic fingerless gloves with longer thumb gusset

 I was asked if I could add on to the gusset without changing the rest of the glove.. adjusted only one round ... same fit, more of the thumb covered ... I used I Love This Yarn in Brileybug for the new ones..

Classic fingerless gloves with longer thumb gusset
Size 9 US dpns or circular needles
gauge 7 sts. by 11 rows per 2 inches
76 yards of worsted weight yarn

Both gloves made the same

k = knit
knit = knit all stitches of that round
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
kf/b = knit the front loop like normal, then knit the back loop of the same stitch making a one stitch increase
p = purl
psso = pass slid stitch over stitch just worked
sl st = slide stitch purl wise
( )x = repeat instructions inside of brackets as many times as the number after the x indicates
cast on 30 stitches
1) k1, p1
2) p1, k1
3) k1, p1
4) p1, k1
5) k1, p1
6) p1, k1
7) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, k1, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6, p1
8) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6
9) k1, p1
10 - 13) knit
14) ( k2tog, k11 )x 2
15 - 24) knit
25) kf/b stitch marker, k22, stitch marker, kf/b
26) knit
27) k1, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k1
28) knit
29) k2, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k2
30) knit
31) k3, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k3
32 - 33) knit
34) knit to end of round, knit 5 off ( gusset stitches ) next round, turn, p10 turn k5
35) k27, * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat until all of the thumb gussets stitches are worked ( all stitches between stitch markers )
36) k20, kf/b
37) kf/b into the next stitch joining in the round again, knit the rest of the round
38 - 44) knit
bind off as * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat to end, fasten down, weave in ends

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

quick update

Things have been really hard around here for a few months now...
my hubby started feeling weak one day .. first week of October.. 3 days later he couldn't move anything below his shoulders..
almost 3 week in ICU later they sent us home... ( I stayed with him the whole time.. he was sent to another state as they couldn't help here ).. GBS .. Guillain-Barré syndrome...
 left us without any money coming in and hubby needing full time care..
 his heart rate went to 120..140 resting.. the therapy they wanted to do was raising it to dangerous levels.. told hey if he has a stroke we can just treat it after... this after being told to go home after the first ER visit.. even thought the doc he had just seen told him it was GBS..  could have keep him from losing total movement..
trying hard to keep things going...