Saturday, January 2, 2016

Boot slippers crochet

 My mother asked for a warm pair of socks with a wide ankle .. thinking slippers would keep her warmer.. I put these together.. very easy ..can be made to any size using any yarn and hook
 I used two strains of worsted weight yarn for added thickness and a N 9.00mm hook with these

Make your foundation chain long enough to go around the bottom of your heal and up to the height you want them on both sides.. I went with 15 inches as she didn't want much above her ankle
single crochet until you have the width needed to reach around your ankle/heal, to the upper part of your foot,  she said loose so I went pretty wide, 13 rows

   with out cutting the yarn, fold in half slip stitch the seam together leaving the bottom part open enough to fit your foot through..
Single crochet around the opening to make the foot/toe part.. single crochet 2 together the last two rounds fasten off.. slip stitch the back heal part .. make another to match.. helps to write down how many chains you started with and rounds you did if you're like me and forget by the time you've been interrupted a million times lol .. think I'm going to go make me a pair or two...
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