Friday, January 24, 2014

Granny square crochet wrist warmers

One of the things I've always loved about crochet ( and a big reason why I wanted to learn ) is the wonderful granny square 
My love of granny squares goes back to my grandma ..fitting right ;)... all the wonderful gifts and house hold items she made with them... from the beloved bag she made me in grade school to the warm afghans I'd wrap up in to listen to the radio on winter nights at their small farm.. one was always on the back of grandpa's rocking chair... grandma would be working on one of her crafts sitting in her rocker, letting me work with her never once telling me I wasn't doing it "right" I was free to do it any way my heart the time I would always pick sewing as the craft I wanted to work on... she put my first sewing kit together for me when I was 3, everything I needed tucked away in a small metal band aid box ( I've always had a love for metal boxes, tins, cookie containers...)
The very first thing I made in crochet was a granny square..
I'm working on a afghan of my own now..
last night after finishing up a pair of warmers a friend was kind enough to set up a few special orders for... I had just a bit of the teal color I was using... so granny square it was going to be...
 As I was working I was thinking how cold my hands were...the weather being much colder then I like it... so should I go get a pair from the other end of the house... getting colder on the way ( I also keep a wrap/afghan on the back of my rocking chair where I do my crafting ).. or just make another square and turn them into a pair without ever having to leave my warm cocoon... the yarn wasn't quite enough to make them the right size, as luck would have I had a bag of yarn right next to me.. the color worked nicely with the other, being the same weight and brand didn't hurt any.. to bring the squares to the 6 inches I wanted :D after adding double chochet stitches along the top and bottom of one side with a few single stitches in the middle for the thumb opening...think hour glass shape..

I just folded them and slip stitched them closed along the double stitches on top until I got to the thumb opening.. adding single stitches along the other edge I hadn't worked before to get to the second set of double stitches closing them with slip stitches as well.... warmers without every leaving the rocking chair lol
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