Monday, April 1, 2013


 Charming loves to pose for photos he's never been afraid of the camera....
 he comes running up and hops on my arm even if there's food to be had lol he's such a pretty chicken...

Today while I was sitting out there chatting with Charming, one of the barred Rocks wanted in on the photos and hopped on my lap at the same time :D

it's not a big surprise that Charming is such a ham, his daddy ( Trident ) loves to have his photo taken too made a fuss until I stopped to take one lol
Our little Amelia has gone broody.......we don't have a mature rooster in that coop with her, ( he's almost old enough but not quite yet, he's a barred Rock named Bo who does not like having his photo taken lol )  so we placed a few of RT and Captain's eggs along with a couple of the red's and Trident's eggs under her...she seems very happy long as everyone leaves her alone...still lets me pet and feed her so hoping for the best...she's such a sweety
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