Friday, September 28, 2012


We have been talking about getting more Ameraucana chickens, we tried getting more right away but the feed store was out.
We ended up getting 3 Americana chicks and a few buff Orpingtons to round off things, very sweet birds we are happy with the choice 

The Americana ( silver ) chicks all start out looking the same but as soon as the feather up you can see a big difference

This is one of our silver Ameraucana hens 

 This is one of our silver Ameraucana roosters.....

this is our other turns out some of our friends ended up with roosters, they already had as many roosters as they needed....and offered them to us :D 

We meet them a few times as they were growing up....seemed like sweet birds, got along really good with each other.......until they got here...
even though they were from the same batch and have been raised together they are now trying to 
de-feather each other :(

The first night was okay, by mid afternoon the next day we had to separate them....okay no biggie the whole pecking order thing'll work out after they have been here a bit longer.....or at least that was the plan....

While we had them getting used to everything around here I came across a free cycle add offering 2 roosters to a good home, one a buff Orpington  the other was said to be a speckled both easy going breeds
what could go wrong ...
First off it's not a Sussex it's an Easter egger lol

 We wanted Easter eggers but couldn't find any in the area, so really cool right.....while they get along great with each other....that can not be said about any other bird. They have only been here a few days, so that may still change.... to be fair the Ameraucanas  were the first to attack, never mind the fencing or that the other birds way out size them.....the pecking order again :(   Brent made them their own coop, they seem happy :D

After more than a week of the Ameraucana roosters getting used to the hens, we let them in the garden together....yeah....I put the roosters back in separate areas....not going good at all...very nasty to our barred Rock....looks like they will be staying in separate areas....

Update turns out the guy at the feed store had no clue what kind of rooster he had sold the lady who gave us the buff and other roo.....he's a Russian Orloff, I'm sure he didn't know this when he sold the chick to her. When I had asked if he ever ordered any Russian Orloff's he said no, so guessing it was a mix up at the hatchery....He's a cool rooster now named Orly :D
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