Monday, December 19, 2011

Wrist warmers by request and other stuff

At one of our Reiki workshops a week or two ago a friend saw the wrist warmers I had on She asked me to make her a pair .... I could pick the style.....
This Lady is the type who just lights up a room, loves glitter and fun things....but has another side, very down to Earth, caring, giving.....

So many possibilities......too many for just one pair....
As this is gift season and many knitters are in need of quick knits, I decided to go with the quicker patterns that came to mind first
The first pair, posted a few days ago...
That got another friend wanting a pair lol......just finished up with those ( will be posting in a day or so )

So far I have made a few pairs for first friend..... will be posting another of those in a few minutes :) but haven't finished yet..... I've been having so much fun with these patterns :D
It has been a bit hard at times.... as Nostradamus keeps trying to steal them lol I have a hard enough time taking a good photo of my knits without his help ;)

Oh I get to make a pair of leggings too :D :D :D the ideas.....sweet

Check this out Kelly my friend who now lives in Maine made this and sent us the photo with seasonal wishes.....very pretty :D Sending you big hugs Kelly, Bill and Abbie :D

Okay now back to my knitting :D
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