Thursday, December 22, 2011


It's Winter yippee, now we can start our way to SPRING :D
I am not a fan of cold.....don't like snow if I have to be near it, photos are fine ;) The only good thing about it are all the knits I get to wear and make :D

I've been playing with wrist warmers, fingerless gloves and mitts, so just different coverage of the same thing lol
It's fun to see how just changing one or two things can really make a big difference. A few of the patterns use needle sizing for decreasing in size as you get closer to the wrist. I have so been loving my Knit Picks Harmony set :D mine are a few years old now and still holding up Great. I see the dpns some time in my future ;)

Okay I did think of another good thing in cold weather, cooking......I like cooking anytime but winter brings about more in house cooking, we are still using the grill too wouldn't want it to feel unloved ;) More soups and stews and baking :D

Have a warm safe Great Winter .........
Seasonal Greetings to you and yours
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