Monday, December 5, 2011

Nostradamus loves it

Today is the first time our guy has seen snow....he doesn't want to come in lol

We don't see a lot of snow around these parts.....or at least we didn't used to. I've seen more snow down here in the last two years that the 20 before that....but it is still a pretty sight and photos are a must, so I sent André out to get a better shot with the real camera lol...

Nostradamus saw him go out the door and went with him....André on the outside of the fence......André went around to the other side, so did doggie......well André came back to the front door, doggie must not have seen this.......I go to call him in and he's gone......went out of the fenced in part of the yard ( stayed in the bigger yard ) running around looking for André....He heard me call and came right away but was still very upset running around looking for him....ran right to the other door when he didn't see him right away, wanting to go back out looking for him... he even opened the door..... André had call him back in.....he was so happy to see him safe inside lol This doggie has great heart :D

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