Sunday, September 4, 2011


We had been invited to go camping, we said yes....something we would normally be hesitant to do....allergies and all...

a few things came up.......our two doggies, a reminder of my problems with pine...and issues with the van

I was so happy to get the email saying they are doggie people :D... no issues with the pines, all will be's a magical place

WOO HOO we were going camping SWEET

Where.. not really sure

This is where
me and was not the tallest tree around just the first we stopped by

Everything was ready for us when we arrived.....this is only a small part of the was set up with a lot of thought and planning....

We had a tent, sleeping bags, mats to sleep on, there was even a tee pee out house...all of this before we even got there :) what more could you ask for

how about a guided tour where a deer, tracks, among many other things were pointed out to us....a place to hook up the doggies....grilled chicken, burgers, hot dogs, pancakes, eggs, sausage and hot coffee....this was unbelievably Sweet
We learned so much about the plants, animals just about everything...fossils everywhere.....

all while being here, it was breath taking.........then it rained........I couldn't believe it.... really what more could you want :D

How about doggies who were loving one was afraid of Nostradamus at ALL...even said let him off the leash. HE LOVE IT he was so good, he listened to everyone most of the time ;)

Both dogs loved running free they were so good :D

after one of our walks in the rain Nostradamus let us wrap a towel around him and Phoe climbed into my sweater lol ....didn't stop them from going on another walk just after this :)
Okay as if this wasn't cool enough......we could breath the whole time....even got to sit by a rained during the night, the tent was dry and sounded so cool...only the sound of rain drops, and a deer or two....

as we were getting ready to leave....the issues with the van cleared up.......they were right it is a magical place

We will be going back

Thank you so much Mark you made this a great weekend for all us, we had a great time and learned so much :D Ellen you were so right this was FUN Thank you

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