Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reiki bags

A easy way of sending distant Reiki is also a quick knit :D If you have Reiki add when knitting this bag, if not get someone with Reiki to send some energies after you finish the bag :D
To use place a charged crystal or stone in it ( intend it to send healing Reiki energies ) add names on slips of paper of who you would like to send to.

This is a loose knit bag, and works well with hanging of herbs.

Don't worry about gauge, needle size or anything lol grab some yarn and whatever you would like to add..... beads are great ;)

Size 6 US dpns or straight either way
K = knit
Sl 1 = slide one stitch purl wise
Yb = yarn back
Yf = yard forward
Yo = yarn over the needle to make new stitch
Cast on an odd number. I used 11 stitches for the purple one and 13 for the eyelash, as long as the count is odd your good to go.
1) *K1, Yf, Sl 1, Yb* to end
2) Sl 1, * K1, Yf, Sl 1, Yb * to end
Continue in this manner until you reach the size you want.
Slide every other stitch on two dpns or stitch holders……. next place them in the proper position to begin knitting again

K1, Yo to last st. k1
Bind off, weave in ends.
I made a simple crochet chain stitch of varying lengths for each. Some I used plain yarn, just threaded through…..add some beads.....mix it up to create your own look:D
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