Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animals and Reiki

We were asked to come help give Reiki to some dogs and cats at a shelter, by a friend. This friend has been going to this shelter for a few weeks now sitting in the hot sun to help out these animals. How cool is that :D
We had sent them distance Reiki a few times and wanted to help out more.

The first time we went I took a wrong turn. Ended up taking a very pretty drive over the mountain, all was good until my car died lol even that was okay. We got stuck in a good area.
Brent was able to get it started ( found out later how lucky that was, can't get it to start again, the computer needs to be reset ) so we didn't have to tow it home back over the mountain.
Brent found us right away, not bad for neither one of us having a clue about El Paso.
We had just stopped at the library so we had something to do. We had snacks and tea with us. The time flew by, it was 2 hours but felt like much less. Still need to get the computer chip reset, but other wise all is good.
It was a very good day anyhow, worked out as well as could be hope for.

We gave it another try Friday. I have got to say it was the nicest, cleanest animal shelter I've ever seen.

The animals all had plenty of room to run. Shade, water to drink and kiddie pools to cool off in. Well fed. No bad odor. Very nice, best of all it's "no kill" :D

All of the dogs seemed to respond well to the Reiki. The cats loved it. Loved Jorden.

This is a shot of one of the cats at the shelter taking to Jorden. Just hopped right on his shoulder. It's not the best of shots, I couldn't get it to send from André's phone for nothing, so I took a picture of the picture on the phone lol
This is the trailer they had the cats in. Very clean also. They had the windows fitted with outside pens. All you had to do was open a window and your kitty could hop outside but be safe. So cool.
Had to tell Brent about this.

All I can say is this man loves me. He spent his whole weekend last week geting us from El Paso, and working on my car. This weekend he spent it making a cat pen for me. Has nothing to do with his cat at all ;) It was in the upper 90's.

Still needs a few things done should be ready in a day or so :D

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