Thursday, November 20, 2008

Men's Triangular Wrist Warmers

This pattern was rewritten on 12/28/2009. Thank you everyone for your help :)

This pattern was created with my BIL in mind. He's has a lot of problems with his wrists. He's had many surgeries that left swelling, scaring and sensitivity to cold. I wanted to make a wrist warmer that was not tight on his skin, but still warm enough for a Wisconsin winter. I also wanted them to be easy going on as he can't move his wrists.

Men’s Triangular Twists Wrist Warmers
145 yds worsted weight yarn
Size 8 US dpns ( set of 5 )
Cable needle
Small amount of scrap yarn in contrasting color
4 ½ sts. by 6 rows per inch
Fit’s a 9“ wrist. This pattern size can be made larger or smaller by changing needle size or yarn weight as well as by adding or removing stitches. Keeping the number of stitches to 10 on needles 1 & 2 for the right hand and needles 1 & 4 for the left hand. You may need to do 1 by 1 ribbing instead of 2 by 2 depending on how many stitches are changed.
K = knit
Kf/b = knit into the front and back of the next stitch
K2tog = knit 2 stitches together
M1 = make new stitch by picking up bar between stitches and knit through the back loop
P = purl
Skp = slip one stitch knit wise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch.
T2b = Slip 1 stitch onto cable needle hold in back, knit next stitch, purl stitch off cable needle
T2f = Slip 1 stitch onto cable needle hold in front, purl next stitch, knit stitch off of cable needle

Cast on 40 sts.
Place evenly on 4 dpns. Joining in the round.

1 - 8) * k2, p2 * to end of round
9 -13) knit all

Instructions for rounds 14 - 24 are for first needle only, all other needles are knit.
14) Knit
15) Purl
16) T2F, K6, T2B
17) K1, P8, K1
18) P1, T2F, K4, T2B, P1
19) K2, P6, K2
20) P2, T2F, K2, T2B, P2
21) K3, P4, K3
22) P3, T2F, T2B, P3
23) K4, P2, K4
24 - 30) Repeat rounds 14 - 19

Both hands are done the same to this point.
Warmer 1
Instructions are now for needles # 1 and # 2, numbers 3 and 4 are knit across.
31) #1- P2, T2F, K2, T2B, P2
#2 - K4, ( Kf/b )x2, K4
32) #1- K3, P4, K3
#2- Knit
33) #1- P3, T2F, T2B, P3
#2- K4, Kf/b, K2, Kf/b, K4
34) #1- K4, P2, K4
#2- Knit
35) #1- Knit
#2- K4, Kf/b, K4, Kf/b, K4
36) #1- Purl
#2- Knit
37) #1- T2F, K6, T2B
#2- K4, KF/b, K6, Kf/b, K4
38) #1- K1, P8, K1
#2- Knit.
39) #1- P1, T2F, K4, T2B, P1
#2- K5, using scrap yarn in contrasting color knit 8 sts. Slide those 8 sts. back onto your left hand needle. Knit rest of round.
40) #1- K2, P6, K2
#2- K5, K2tog, K4, SKP, Knit rest of round.
41) #1- P2, T2F, K2, T2B, P2
#2- K5, K2tog, K2, SKP, Knit rest of round.
42) #1- K3, P4, K3
#2- K5, K2tog, Knit rest of round.
43) #1- P3, T2F, T2B, P3
#2- K5, K2tog, SKP, Knit rest of round.
44) #1- K4, P2, K4
#2- K4, K2tog, Knit rest of round.

Instructions are for all needles
45 - 46) Knit
47 - 56) * K2, P2 * to end
Bind off in pattern.

Warmer 2 is done in the same manner using number one needle for # 1 instructions, knitting needles numbers two and three, each round and number four needle knit as per #2 instructions.
Remove scarp yarn placing stitches on dpns. Starting with the bottom right side of the gusset stitches
1) m1, knit to other end of gusset m1, knit to end.
2 - 3) knit all
Cast off. Weave in ends.

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