Saturday, August 30, 2008

Socks and peppers

I just got started on knitting more house socks for myself. The color doesn't show very well here, they are really bright pink. I love colorful socks.

These are really quick knits as I use a size us 8 needle and worsted weight yarn. Plus I make them only ankle high.

I fell in love with the style awhile back when I was bit by the sock bug one night, and had nothing but size 8 dpns on hand. So why not I thought and it all began.

Most "real" knitters would never use a size 8 on socks I've been told, but hey that's what I had so on I went.
They were right about the stitches being large of course. However I have found that's just what I love about them! I have since made other types of socks, but keep coming back to these. I have worn out the heel on a few pair already (and fixed them), I just find myself digging through my sock drawer passing the others for a pair of these. So bright pink it is, then maybe green as I gave my green pair away :(

I garden as well as knit. I was just out picking some New Mexico chili and tomatoes, while taking a break from knitting. When I started thinking about my socks. Okay so my shoe got stuck in the ground and I had to step out of it, then started thinking about my socks ;)
The ground here is mostly sand, so if you wear a loose knit sock you can shake out the sand (most times), and still be some what protected from all the uglies out there (spiders, ants, weeds).
This time of year I'm not really looking for warmth, so another plus for loose stitches, although I did wear them most of the winter as well. Bad part is they don't do good with close fitting shoes :( As I don't wear close fitting shoes at home I can live with it. Okay so much for socks.
My garden worked out so well this year. We've been freezing chili and tomatoes as well as eating our fill. I've been saving seeds, so next year I can do the whole thing with out having to buy plants or seeds.
Our hot boxes worked out so well, really a little too well as I wasn't quite ready for so many plants all living and doing great. A little better planing and next year should be even better (knocking again).
Yesterday was my mother's birthday. I gave her some of the wash cloths I had posted earlier, plus a bath mitt and and a few other wash cloths I didn't get photos of. Dad took her out to eat last night so the party will be on Sunday. She really seemed to like the cloths, it's one of the few thing I can knit that I know she will use. :)
I've been working on patterns to post, that will come a little later.
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