Sunday, June 1, 2008


This has been a really good week for my garden, My peas are coming along great (a first). The tomatoes are starting to get fruit. Green beans are flowering. Lettuce is almost ready to cut. Cucumbers are going better then ever. I added chives, parsley and spinach yesterday. I have my first green chili on the plants YAHOO.

The boys planted a few more trees, weeping and globe willows. Roses have been in full bloom, for a good two weeks now. As soon as you go through the fence to the front yard the smell of roses hit you, it's very strong and sweet. It's been bringing the hummingbirds around :).

My niece said yes to my making her something, So I'm almost done with the wrist warmers. Made a bag for my other niece. Going to make wrist warmers for Toni. She spent some time here this last weekend and gave me more yarn :) :). I'm going to have to start making bigger things. I did make half a dozen dish clothes this week too, but still not moving fast enough. Might help if I could stay away from this new game we got. It's so cool, you get to make a village, set it up so they can feed and heal themselves. Build stuff, teach them to fish, all kinds of stuff. It's a lot of fun. Oh okay back to house work and knitting mostly knitting :)
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