Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Easy Twisted Headband

Easy Twisted Headband

This formula can be used with any weight yarn and corresponding hook size, as such no sizes are given as well as yardage or gauge.

The photo is showing Hometown USA by Lion Brand super bulky weight ( 6 ) using a L11/8.00mm hook
I have used single crochet, double and half double all with good success.

Written in American terms

Ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet

1) Chain as many stitches needed to go around your head keeping it just a bit snug, chain one more for your turning chain

2) hdc in all chains.. you can use the bar or top loop I've done both but like the looks of going through the bar... turn

3) ch 1, hdc to end, turn

repeat row 3 as many times as you like to reach half the thickness you want

once you have half the thickness you want, fold in thirds with the live stitch in the center of the folds. Place a marker at that fold. See photo below

Hdc to the marker, count how many stitches you have undone, chain that many plus 1 for turning chain.

Turn, hdc into second ch, hdc to end of row
Repeat row 3 until you have the same thickness as the first half.

Fasten off leaving a tail about 12 inches long for seaming.

Seam edges to the beginning edge, making sure to “twist” them.. placing the top panel of the split side along the bottom part of the beginning edge and the bottom panel over the top panel. See photo.
Weave in ends.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hat sizing template

 I came across a post on Facebook tonight.. in a group for free hat patterns..
Printable hat templates.. in sizes from baby to adult... print them out, crochet you top circle to that size and stop increasing.. work to the bottom of the tube shaped piece and you got it... Check it out

 Get your free template by clicking on the link
Hat sizing template 

 Examples of the templates, not the full template itself 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

New Items free in States Shipping


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I will be adding more items as time allows, check back often .. here are a few of the new listing

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 Prayer Shawl
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Monday, September 17, 2018

Cross Over Scarf

Cross-Over Stitch Scarf

size J/10-6.00mm hook
264 yards worsted weight shown in Red Heart's With Love Daffodil
8 by 64 inches
gauge not essential to this project
written in American terms

Worked flat, turn after each row until trim stitches. ch 3 at beginning of each row counts as 1 dc
scarf can be made wider by using a multiple of 4 + 4

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
yo = yarn over hook

1) ch 18

2) dc 1 in third ch from hook, dc to end ( 16 dc's )

) ch 3, dc 1, *skip next st, dc 3, yo, with hook in front, insert hook from front to back into skipped st, loosely draw through a loop and bring it up to the height of the dc's, yo and draw through loops on hook * repeat to last 2 sts, dc 2

ch 3, dc to end

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until desired length ending with row 3, do not fasten off.

ch 3 , working along the side dc to last space ( see photo for placement of dc's ), 3 dc in that space making first corner, work dc's along top to last stitch, 3 dc in that stitch for second corner, working along second side dc to the end space, dc 3 to make third corner, work dc's along bottom edge, slip stitch to ch 3, fasten off, weave in ends.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Another Mindless Knit Shawl

Made with the shawl in the ball yarn by Lions Brand..  using size 8mm needles.. came out so nice the drape is perfect .. will be using more of this yarn

find pattern here

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tiny Owl or Kitty crochet pattern

So I'm playing with a small tapestry  weaving  (frame is 3 by 5 inches ) .. wanted to try a different leaf for a bullion rose ( crewel/embroidery ) quickest way to getting a piece of yarn work to try out new stitches that I have found .. so far  .. gives me some cute refrigerator magnets to sell to boot :) Had just a few years left of the soft green I was using.. hook sitting in front of me.. thought as long as I have the magnets out might as well make another small item...

I came up with an Owl.. these are going to be key chains but if you use thread and a smaller hook they would make cute earrings

  G/6-4.25mm hook 
couple of yards of worsted weight

written in American terms
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch

1) ch 4 , join into ring with sl st in first ch
2) ch 1, working into ring hdc 10, ch 1, dc 1, ch 2, sl st into first ch, dc 2, ch 2, sl st into first ch, ch 1, join with first ch 1 of round. Weave in ends add eye of your choice I used tiny buttons ( see tip at bottom of pattern before placing eyes )

The more I looked at the more I thought it would make a cute kitty too.. so I made a second one

I followed the same as the owl until the last stitch.. I pulled it tight.. creating a "neck tilt" I also placed my button eye a bit lower and closer together
 and of course I added a tail

sl st to join yarn to body where you want the tail or use photo for placement, ch 6, sl st into second ch, sl st next ch, sl st three times into next ch, sl st next ch, sl st to body

         TIP = when seaming in ends weave though behind head area to give extra strength to hold eyes

UPDATE... I quick put together some earrings... once  again I need better photos lol
  used a 2.25mm hook with size 10 crochet tread 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Bulky cable knit hat pattern on the web

Things have been very busy.. I'll save details for the next post.. right now I like to share a fun, quick and free..  bulky cable knit hat pattern.. it's from  Lion brand yarns.
 Normally I don't pay a lot of attention to the patterns on the labels of yarn.. but normally I also don't buy bully yarn. ( Hometown USA in ST Paul Sky color way  ).. came across a nice deal .. thought it would make nice warm hats.. so I grabbed a couple with no real pattern in mind..

         Been working on a crochet fingerless glove pattern.. getting stopped too often to keep a train of thought going.. needed something I could pick up a million times and easily find my place.. reached for the closest yarn .. the photo on label looked like it fit the bill.. simple cable repeat...

I love it..
I did make a couple of changes, not really changing the overall look ..
I'm not a fan of the ssk stitch .. what's the point.. slipping then knitting.. just knit two together through the back loop.. quick and easy.. same slant.. so that switch was a must for me .. the only other change was to use the same stitch again for the last round of decreases instead of just knitting two together.. I wanted the slant to remain consistent through out.

I definitely will be making more .. the link is to the pattern on Raverly so you can see the other finished projects..

Cabled hat L32325