Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jewelry post number 1

I have been making jewelry to sell for a number of years now.. while I have put patterns/charts out of my some of my seed bead designs I have never posted about my other items.. So.... I will be doing these with lots of photos to make it as clear as possible .. as I really do not like naming anything I will be going with numbers :) I will be posting these as free PDF's on Craftsy ( will add the link on each post )

Note: any of my earring designs you make, you are free to sell... if you share online a link back to my pattern would be great :D

The first item will be earrings

you will need .. beading thread and needle, 42 black seed beads size 11/0 ( 21 for each earring ), 2 earring hooks, two o rings, and 2 drop beads ( with hole going through the center )

take thread through the bead going downward, add 3 seed beads go back up though the main bead again

add 18 seed beads and the o ring, tie off

run thread though out once again, tie off weave in ends.. place on earring hook
repeat for second earring

quick and easy.. enjoy


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Free football seed bead chart

free pdf on Craftsy

Materials needed

2 earring hooks

fine beading thread and needle

all seed beads are size 11/0


this pattern assumes knowledge of brick stitch beading techniques

52 brown

9 white
add ear hook to loop.. Check ends of ear hook ( if you didn't make your own ) for sharpness, a bit of smoothing maybe needed.

pattern by Barbra Szabrowicz
items made from this pattern may be sold

Monday, June 27, 2016

Jumbo Pharaoh quail

We got Quail :D at 3 weeks of age they are already half way to laying eggs.. been reading different reports on how many eggs they lay.. lowest number is 200 they did add "or more" though lol.. most others are saying around 300
keeping in mind the eggs are pretty small but so cute lol

We started out just buying eggs and ended up getting 8 half grown birds :D ... A bit stronger tasting, very quick to cook up  lol  we even got a double yoke one

looking forward to getting our own eggs soon.. only two weeks to go ..  

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Moonlight mist vest

Another take on the Moonlight Mist Pattern by Drops done in Simply Soft ( sleeveless )
Starting to get back to yarn work.
finger healing up enough :D
good thing I had my beads to play with lol

Monday, May 9, 2016

A few beads

Been working with my beads ... in spite of Yanni's help lol ..
Thanks for saving my beading tray Jorden :D