Wednesday, April 15, 2015

to reflect

I got some reflective yarn by Red Heart thinking I would make a few simple items to make it easier to be seen while walking the dogs at night... in the colder months I take them during the day, but as things heat up it gets too hot for that... so with this in mind I wanted light weight items that didn't add warmth..
I went with a long very skinny scarf that could be worn as a belt or tied on to whatever lol

Using size 15 US cables I cast on 175 stitches long tail.. in pink, cut the yarn.. knit a row in black again cutting the yarn... bound off in pink.. I just tied the ends together adding one strand of fringe to the end with less tail ends then tied them together....
Very easy takes only a few minutes,  but could make the difference of being seen or not 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

chickens... lots of chickens

Nostradamus loves watching the babies..

These are the little ones he is watching.. Cornish rocks, Leghorns, Cochins and two we are not sure about yet...

These little ones are bantam Cochins and Ameraucanas... and a few we are not sure of yet lol  ..

in this group we have Reds, Leghorns and buff Orpingtons

Theses are full sized Ameraucanas the only pullets we got other than in the first group.. they didn't have straight run.. we do try and stick with straight run as much as we can.. the roos will have a much longer happy life..
this is our new frizzle... so soft

this girl turned into quite a beauty.. in spite of the look she's giving my phone lol

a few of the hens we were gifted last fall.. they don't normally stick this close together glad I had my phone ready to snap a shot

this hen is one of the babies we hatched out last year.. she is a total sweetie...
just a few our new and not so new chickens..
Happy Easter

Sunday, March 15, 2015

At the Market

It was a beautiful day for the Sunday Farmers Market at Tractor Supply

 We took eggs for the first time, sells were good... thanks to the other vendors pointing the customers to us :D
 I had just enough quiet time to put the finishing touches on a knit healing shawl to go with the crochet ones  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Classic fingerless gloves


Classic fingerless gloves
Size 9 US dpns or circular needles
gauge 7 sts. by 11 rows per 2 inches
75 yards of worsted weight yarn

Both gloves made the same

k = knit
knit = knit all stitches of that round
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
kf/b = knit the front loop like normal, then knit the back loop of the same stitch making a one stitch increase
p = purl
psso = pass slid stitch over stitch just worked
sl st = slide stitch purl wise
( )x = repeat instructions inside of brackets as many times as the number after the x indicates
cast on 30 stitches
1) k1, p1
2) p1, k1
3) k1, p1
4) p1, k1
5) k1, p1
6) p1, k1
7) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, k1, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6, p1
8) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6
9) k1, p1
10 - 13) knit
14) ( k2tog, k11 )x 2
15 - 24) knit
25) kf/b stitch marker, k22, stitch marker, kf/b
26) knit
27) k1, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k1
28) knit
29) k2, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k2
30) knit
31) k3, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k3
32 - 34) knit
35) k27, * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat until all of the thumb gussets stitches are worked ( all stitches between stitch markers )
36) k20, kf/b
37) kf/b into the next stitch joining in the round again, knit the rest of the round
38 - 44) knit
bind off as * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat to end, fasten down, weave in ends


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Setting up to sell

I have been looking for a place to sell my crafts at for some time now. I had tried the large farmers market in town ( listed as one of the top in the US ) but it was not a good fit for me.. it's gotten so big and touristy it doesn't have that cozy home town feel to it any more... it was suggested I should raise my prices to fit in better... I felt I was asking a fair price for each item..... now on the other hand we have a rather large flea market not far from here but no one wants to pay enough to even cover the cost of  materials let alone time.. tried it once I couldn't tell you how many times in that day I was told "I could get that at such and such a store cheaper"  ... don't take me wrong both places are really cool for what they are.. it is a real experience to go to either of them.. both having dozens of vendors.

I do events here and there and have a great time doing them, but covering the cost of set up alone can really be pricey..

I don't like doing special orders often, I've tried this so many times I have to admit that I like to work on whatever strikes my fancy at the time..
With crafting every day, items start to add up.. I can't give them all away and still cover the costs of new crafting supplies ;)
A while ago I heard about this new farmers market set up at one of my favorite stores outside of craft stores Tractor Supply .. was said to be a very nice friendly market with the feel of .. with the events I had already agreed to do plus the fact that this could be just a "dangerous" during chick days to me as setting up at a craft store, I put off talking to them... well I'm just going to have to do my best to stay strong and keep chick buying to a limit.. we will be setting up our craft and reiki booth with them starting next Sunday :D stop by and see us at the Tractor Supply at 1440 W. Picacho Ave. Las Cruces, NM. weather permitting at 10 am - 2 pm

Sunday Farmers Market At Tractor Supply


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Beaded Fingerless Gloves

Beaded Fingerless Gloves
size 9 US dpns or cable needles
gauge 4 stitches by 6 rows per 1 inch
68 yards of worsted weight yarn
20 pearl colored beads with large enough hole to fit double strand of yarn through ( snugly )
small crochet hook to place beads on yarn I used 5US/1.90mm
2 stitch markers

k = knit
knit = knit all stitches of that round
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
kf/b = knit the front loop like normal, then knit the back loop of the same stitch making a one stitch increase
purl = purl all stitches of that round
yo = yarn over the needle creating new stitch
( )x = repeat instructions inside of brackets as many times as the number after the x indicates

Cast on 30 sts join
1) knit
2 - 3) purl
4 -5) knit
6) k2, place bead repeat to end ( instructions can be found on bottom of page )
7 - 10) knit
11) ( k2tog, k13) x 2
12) knit
13) ( k2tog, k12) x 2
14) knit
15) ( k2tog, k11) x 2
16 -19) knit
20) kf/b place marker, k22, place marker kf/b.. keep markers in place as you go ( marks the thumb gusset stitches )
21) knit
22) k1, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k1
23) knit
24) k2, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k2
25) knit
26) k3, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k3
27) knit
28 ) k4, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k4
29) knit
30) k28, ( k2tog, yo)x 3
 31)  ( k2tog, yo)x 3, k22 .. bind off all thumb gusset stitches including on the beginning of next round ( all of the stitches between markers )
32) knit to last stitch kf/b
33) joining over thumb gusset as you do so kf/b, knit to end
34 - 39) knit
40) k2tog, yo.. repeat to end
bind off weave in ends.

When you reach a stitch that needs a bead place bead on crochet hook

slide stitch off of left needle onto crochet hook

pull through bead

place stitch onto right needle purl wise leaving it unworked, in next round knit through the loop like a normal stitch


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quick crochet hat

Using Red Heart Super saver ( worsted weight ) in dark blue and a size K us hook...

 ( this pattern can be made using any size hook and corresponding sized yard by just adjusting  increase rows to fit size needed, it also works well with the half double crochet stitch for a thicker hat )

chain ( ch ) 4 join with a slip stitch to from a ring, chain 2, double crochet ( dc ) until the ring is full ( not bunched up though ) in this one I did 13

join each round with a slip stitch and start the next with a ch 2 ( counts as your first dc )

the second round dc into the same space as your starting chain 2 ( counts as your first increase ),  dc twice into each stitch

third round increase in the same manner as last round, dc 2,  increase the next stitch, dc 2 repeat your increase followed by 2 dc's to the end of round

fourth round do the same as the last round with 3 dc's in between increases ( if any extra rounds are needed just add another dc in between increases for each round )

I found this to be big enough to fit ( most ) adults without adding any more increase rounds using the larger need size

from here I just dc in every stitch for each round... this one I did 7 more rounds of dc's... stop when you get to the size you want.. add a few extra rounds to made one that can fold up along the brim

Added note... if after any given round you find you just need the hat a bit bigger .. try just adding a few increases evenly across the round..  depending on size needed I've found that either 4 or 6 more stitches work nicely