Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My first night living in a haunted house

A post on Facebook asked the question... What is your best ghost story?.. what a loaded question.. with so many odd things that have happened to me in the past and continue to... picking one was harder than I thought it would be lol but as it is that time of year I thought I'd share my story here too
So after some thought I decided to go with my first night living in Racine, Wi.. in the house in the above photo.. at the time of my living there... there was no fence around the yard and the porch had a roof over it.. I spent many hours on that porch.. from the corner pictured you could see Lake Michigan.. I loved listening to the fog horns.. from the left the brown area pictured used to be a door leading into my bedroom, the window next to it is also part of the bedroom.. the next door in the front door leading to the hall and living room.. you can see the bay windows of the living room ..
Here is the post I answered that question with .. a bit more detail has been added...  
When I was 13 my parents took me for a ride, I was the only one at home besides them that night.. going for a right was and still is their favorite thing to do, we would spend many hours each week just driving around the country side, by many I mean like 12 at a crack lol... 
 when we got to a different city they stopped at a place that had a for rent sign out front, I found this odd as we didn't know anyone in the area... I had no clue what was about to happen..
... as long as I could recall I had been saying the next place I lived would be haunted, I was very set on this.... the reason I was given later for what my parents did next..
they unknown to me had rented this house.. said to me lets just take a look.. as I was looking around they said stay here we'll be right back and left...
as I watched them drive away I realized I had no clue where I was... only that it was some where in Racine not far from Lake Michigan I was guessing as I could hear waves hitting the shore and a fog horn going off in the distance.. no phone.. leaving wasn't really an option as one quick look outside showed this was not a neighborhood you wanted to be out at night in without protection of some kind... I could hear rowdy partying coming from all over the neighborhood... While I was still pretty na├»ve in many ways I had been raised in an area where gunshots were not uncommon, so I wasn't a stranger to this way of life...   
the house was old.. built in 1884, still having all of the original doors and wood work.. it had been the only hospital in the area for many years..
the first odd thing that happened was hearing the voices in other rooms.. after realizing I was going to be stuck there for awhile I checked all of the windows and doors locking them.. I also closed each door to every other room.. every time I would hear a voice I'd go looking for the source.. no one would be there but the doors would all be open..
the lay out of the place had so many twists and turns you couldn't see more than the room you were in.. I later came to love this feature..
after about a hour it became clear something was playing with me.. the door to the closet flew open and laughter that made my hair stand up filled the hall.. I walked over to it intending on closing it when I heard a scream and the door slammed just before I could reach the knob...
at this point I saw a light flashing just around the next turn in the hall.. I had avoided going in that small section of the house up until this point, as I stepped in front of a door it opened.. it was the door to the basement..
steep steps going down to total blackness.. I reached for the door knob to close it when I felt something push me.. I only fell a step or two when the door started to close on me with force.. thankfully the door opened into the basement and couldn't close with me in the way..
crawling back into the hall I had to hold the door with everything I had to keep it from closing on me.. I swear I heard movement at the bottom of the steps.... more laughter...

this was really starting to tick me off.. I started to get pretty loud... telling it what I thought it could do with itself lol.. I wasn't afraid.. I was mad... I had always known I would live in a place like this and it by far wasn't the first time I'd run into odd things happening around me.. I've been told in the past when telling of this night you should have been so afraid.. lol I said I was mad .. very mad.. how dare my parents do this to me.... and then crap starts to happen on top of it... yes I was out and out pissed off..

As I really started to give this spirit a piece of my mind... all of the doors to the cupboards in the kitchen opened and slammed shut, shaking the whole place ..
I'd had enough, it had been many hours at this point since my parents had left me there.. I was not expecting to see them back that night... as all of the bars closed around the house I knew it was after 2 am..
 I decided I was going to pick a room and just kick back until they showed up or it got light enough outside to go looking around..
after something wouldn't stop "petting" my hair in one bedroom I moved to the living room... the door that had been "stuck" shut next to it opened..

there wasn't anything in the house as far as furniture or any items except this room... it had a old plastic radio from the late 40's and a lawn chair.. the kind that reclines...

 it was the only room in the house that felt warm and inviting.. it was late in the year and getting cold outside.. with no heat on in the house it was getting chilly .. yet this room was comfortable..

I waked in... the door closed behind me..

I could hear scratching on it at about head level... voices.. a few screams.. loud pounding and scraping noise from the apartment above even tough it also was empty.. yet I felt at home in this room... no longer ready to kill someone lol

I turned on the radio only one station would come in.. out of Nashville.. odd as I was in Wis.. and should have been able to pick up dozens of stations from the area..
I felt a hand on my leg ( the first time of many ).. it was very comforting.. I fell asleep a second after feeling it.. I didn't wake up for hours.. until after I heard my dad pounding on the bedroom door yelling for me...
he knew I must be in there as he could hear the radio playing Hank Williams Sr. and Pasty Cline, after I didn't come out when they were making noise he came to make sure I was okay...
Dad is not a weak man by any means but he couldn't get the door to open...
after waking up I asked who ever closed it for me to open it.. it slowly opened.. I was still clearly sitting on the chair, well away from the door so he knew it wasn't me.. I must say I was still pretty "upset" with my parents..
as dad stepped in the room and the radio stopped.. no one would listen to me about what happened that night.. at least not right away, as they were too busy unpacking everything.. they had spent the night moving us...
I never had the chance to say good by to my friends.. that's the part that haunts me about that night...

no one might have believed me had dad not heard the radio playing ( after thinking about it.. it only played dead singers ) even though later we found out it didn't have any tubes left in it... the scratch marks on the door were blamed on me... until it started happening to them that is... I lived there for years after that... I have to say after the first night alone not much surprised me.. but I really did enjoy watching it surprise them lol
I still miss that place


Friday, October 3, 2014

Drangonfly free crochet pattern

I have this thing for dragonflies... I live in an area where I'm lucky enough to see them almost daily during warm weather... we get many visitors in our home ( each carefully returned to the outdoors ) of many sizes and colors ... after watching them fly around my work table a while back I decided to make a few crochet ones... I gave away the first few before I took a photo ... so I just had to make a few more :D

I used floss ( the type used to make friendship bracelets ) with a size B1 2.25mm hook

I make the body and wings separately and seem the wings on... for stiffener I use Mod Podge brand, and add one coat of Puffy Paint in silver glitter

I like to use 3 colors but I'm sure they would look great with one or two...

ch = chain stitch
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
tr = triple crochet

chain 15
in second chain from hook sl st, sl st 6, sc 6, in last chain sc 2, hdc 1, sc 1, hdc 1, sc 2, fasten off, weave in ends before adding wings.

Note : Leave tails on wings long enough to seem them to the body... weave in end on the back side of each wing.

Top wings, make two
ch 15
 sl st 1 into second chain from hook, in the following chain stitches, sc 2, hdc1, dc 3, tr 1, dc 3, hdc 1, sc 2, fasten off

Bottom wings, make two
ch 11
sl st into the second stitch from hook, in the following chain stitches, sc 2, hdc 1, dc 2, hdc 1, sc 2, sl st 1, fasten off

seem wings on using photo as guide, pin in place before adding stiffener... attach to hair clip or pin

Saturday, August 23, 2014

More crochet drawstring bags

I just love little bags... they are so much fun to make, have so many uses... can be worn around your keck on your belt, hang in your car or any place for that matter... I charge many with reiki energies, by doing so you can send reiki to some one by writing down their name on a slip of paper and placing it in the bag... charge crystals or other small items...
I'm planning on selling a few these reiki charged bags at a up coming fair. I've been making them out of many types of yarn. So far this is my favorite pattern for crocheting them... they can be made in any size by adding more increases at the start of the pattern as well as adding rows...

here is the basic idea...

single crochet 8 times in a magic circle, slip stitch join

chain one, single crochet into base of last stitch, single crochet twice into each stitch

(    if a larger bag is wanted
 *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet one stitch* repeat to end
 *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet two stitches* repeat to end
 *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet three stitches* repeat to end     )

 single crochet all stitches until you reach the size you like

to make the area where the drawstring is threaded through do a round of twisted double crochet join with a slip stitch

chain two, *single crochet, chain one* repeat to end slip stitch to join and fasten off.

I made a simple chain stitch cord for the drawstring, weave it through the space created by the twisted stitches
I added beads to some charms to others :)

these are very similar to my other drawstring bag crochet pattern.. the difference being the way the area for the drawstring is constructed...
you can find that pattern here 
drawstring bags

Friends free tea candle cozy pattern

A friend of my has been crocheting for sometime now but never wrote down any of her patterns until now... it's a garden tea candle cozy, although I thought of other uses while making mine ( shown in photo )... my son is always starting new plants in jars this would make a nifty way to hang them... of course I thought it would be a cool way to hang needles as well lol

find pattern here

Thursday, July 31, 2014

portabella mushrooms

We came across some nice looking portabella mushrooms at a good price not long ago ( less than I could have made beef patties for )... at that point I had only tried making them twice... broiled and grilled both times using others recipes
this time I decided to do my own ... I cut some fresh herbs adding a bit of balsamic vinegar into olive oil... let that sit a good hour or more.... I used it to coat the mushrooms and some zucchini slices .. grilling all... when the mushrooms were almost done I added green chillie and cheeses...The guys raved about it for days...  

after telling my mom about them she wanted to try them as she had made us a wonderful shrimp stir-fry the night before I was more than willing to see if we could recreate the dish... this time we used French bread instead of wheat ( mom's not a fan of wheat bread ) and we added some bell peppers, green tomatoes and potatoes on the grill as well, using the oil to coat everything except the potatoes, I put them in foil with sea salt, parsley and a bit of black pepper ... I'm so happy we were able to pull everything off the grill just as a heavy rain started.... everyone loved it.... think I'll be keeping this recipe lol

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cotton crochet sachet

I'm not a fan of canned "air fresheners"
I do love the smell of many herbs and flowers and making bags :D
with bits of end pieces of cotton I put this small very quick and simple
sachet together 
for use in my car
I used a size H US hook and a few yards worsted weight cotton yarn... I put it on a hook style key chain with a button closure... it's made so it doesn't close tightly on top but can hold a couple of crystals while hanging from my dashboard..

this pattern can be made to any size you'd like using whatever hook and yarn you have laying around... just keep the stitches loose enough to let a bit of air flow through but not so loose the your crystals pop out :D

I chained a few stitches ( any number you like to get the width needed ) for the foundation, double crochet ( dc ) into the second chain from the hook, dc until you reach the first chair stitch, dc 3 times into that stitch going around to the other side of the foundation row, dc to the end of those chain stitches, dc into the last one 3 times... from there dc all stitches until you reach the size you want.. dc haft the stitches turn ( making sure you are at the start of a new round ), dc half of those stitches ( so 1/4 of over all stitches )  chain enough stitches to go around your button, dc to end of row fasten off.... if you'd like a longer flap add a few more rows of dc's before making the chain stitches for the button closure... weave in ends, sew on button, either make a chain cord to hang form or add a key chain hook... add a charm or 2... I added a silver feather to this one    


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sari silk skirt/cover up

This is a Sari silk draw string skirt/cover up... a large rectangle... it's all double crochet stitches to the length ( about 14 inches ), after chaining to the width I wanted ( about 31 inches at the top and 36 on the bottom ) I started from the bottom and did a few decreases going up... used a size K US hook... took about 300 grams of yarn ( didn't get the yardage )... I made the draw string long enough to crisscross along the side opening...