Monday, August 6, 2018

Bulky cable knit hat pattern on the web

Things have been very busy.. I'll save details for the next post.. right now I like to share a fun, quick and free..  bulky cable knit hat pattern.. it's from  Lion brand yarns.
 Normally I don't pay a lot of attention to the patterns on the labels of yarn.. but normally I also don't buy bully yarn. ( Hometown USA in ST Paul Sky color way  ).. came across a nice deal .. thought it would make nice warm hats.. so I grabbed a couple with no real pattern in mind..

         Been working on a crochet fingerless glove pattern.. getting stopped too often to keep a train of thought going.. needed something I could pick up a million times and easily find my place.. reached for the closest yarn .. the photo on label looked like it fit the bill.. simple cable repeat...

I love it..
I did make a couple of changes, not really changing the overall look ..
I'm not a fan of the ssk stitch .. what's the point.. slipping then knitting.. just knit two together through the back loop.. quick and easy.. same slant.. so that switch was a must for me .. the only other change was to use the same stitch again for the last round of decreases instead of just knitting two together.. I wanted the slant to remain consistent through out.

I definitely will be making more .. the link is to the pattern on Raverly so you can see the other finished projects..

Cabled hat L32325

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weaving sticks

 Awhile back I came across some weaving sticks in an outlet store.. while they looked neat, I couldn't see parting with the $12.00 ... on clearance..
I walked away with some nicely priced beads and didn't give it another thought.. well sort of... after getting home I told hubby about them.. he said go back and get them...

 sure why not..... at least look again....
    after all it is right next to Joann's craft store, so at some point I would be right there ;) .. came home with a stunning rose quartz piece that was begging to come home... along with the beautiful Amethyst I couldn't set down..

Third trip some time after that....same out come.. the stones were still calling..

Went back one last time and yep you guessed it... still came home with more stones instead of stick's..
what can I say they really wanted to come home with me... and felt so nice...
     and were way less than the sticks to boot ... altogether ...
by then the sticks were sold out... after that trip so were the stones ;) .. they are all quite happy here

 Fast forward a few weeks... I am working on the tapestry loom my guys made for me to practice embroidery on yarn and or with yarn.. 
faster than knitting a pair of fingerless gloves with more space.. not as easy to mess up etc.....

btw those gloves are still in the works, my skills are getting closer to what I want,
however now is not glove weather, well maybe driving gloves.. steering wheel getting a tad warm these days..  oh wait that's another story........
                            anyhow they are on the back burner for now..

                at that point I recalled those sticks.. I needed to make a set.. why didn't I think of that ages ago lol

 I had been given a packet of these bamboo sticks along with some craft supplies years ago.. they looked useful but had no clue what to do with them..

They are smaller than the ones I had seen and much more to my liking in price lol... now to make a set..

The points are not needed.. these are just what I had on hand
6 inch dowel sticks work great ( or cut longer ones to size wanted, I found this size easy to hold on to )

 got my tools together ...
be mindful to place in secure holding before attempting to drill..
 safety glasses are a must also.. take my word on this.. oh and watch out for smoke.. no clue they could light up so fast...
the holes are 1/2 inch from the bottom of the sticks, I wanted a bit of length to help guide the weaving over the yarn that goes through the sticks..
 side note ... I have seen some sticks with little eyelet screws on the bottom but felt the possibility for the weaving to stick would rise, I'm sure they would work with some thought put into the works.. but I wanted mindlessly easy here.. something that could be done while chatting or walking along 
these are the finished product ... after a good sanding of course 

   After giving them a try I added a few more

And a few more..
These are so much fun, super easy..
to start to weave a length of yarn twice the length need, plus about 6-8 inches for tying off ( longer for fringe ), through each stick,
 you can put a loose knot at the end of each or tie them loosely together to keep things in place..
 put a slip knot around the first stick and start weaving up the sticks..
as they fill up side them down on to the yarn threaded through the sticks ( this is call your warp yarn )
be careful to keep a bit of weaving on the sticks to keep things looking smooth..
when you get to the size wanted slide all the weaving down even out among the warp yarn..  
 tie off.. you can weave the ends in or leave as fringe
I am going to use the pieces I made to hang earrings on at market.. come cooler weather I plan on making scarfs.. and such..

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sashay yarn ponytail holders

I was gifted a rather large box of Red Heart Sashay Boutique yarn among many other brands of similar yarns.. I made a couple of scarfs with it..
while they claim to work up fast, that was not my experience
  it never failed that I would have to set it down and walk away.. pick them up and pull the stitches out .. ugh.. way too much effort for an item that wasn't selling anymore..
I got so tired of it I used many skeins as bulky yarn and crocheted it on an Q hook.. looks cool enough but takes a lot of yardage
I still had dozens of skeins left.. many just a single skein of each color.. not enough to make a bulky scarf or ruffled for that matter, some of the colors just didn't go together well enough to use on one item
I had seen how ponytail holders were being made from them.. but they were always finished off in my opinion.. rather sloppy..
Pulling the whole yarn through the last stitch and just leaving the end hang loose.. or tied in a big knot ..
both of which come undone with wear..
I just didn't like the look.. plus I dislike making anything that can't stand up to wear ..
truthfully one of the big reasons I dislike the ruffle scarfs patterns out there as well, if you pay for an handmade wearable item it should hold up for at least a washing..
I just don't like it..
I don't wear my hair up ever.. so the though of the ponytail holders passed pretty fast lol..
Until my sister came over wearing one.. with ends tied together.. making a pretty item look half done..
ok fine time to make a few..
if nothing else something to put on the table for market.. or a quick gift
I have sewn the ends of all of the ruffle scarfs I made in the past.. with the end kind of tucked under itself.. another reason they took me longer ;)  I'm telling ya I don't like loose ends LOL ..
 they still didn't look great to me..
with working in the round I hoped seaming them together would give it a more "finished" look
Sewing thread was too thin to do a good job..
crochet thread size 10 however works great..
I have many colors to match up with the Sashay yarn but not quite enough..
so embroidery floss for those.. ( 3 strains not the full 6 )
takes more time to sew them than to slip stitch around elastic band.. but worth the effort..

 I used about four yarns of Sashay yarn, size H8/5.00mm hook to slip stitch each..
some yarns looked better with less.. some more..
I just worked until they looked full..

Next I seamed the ends together.. after tying the end of the thread or floss I was using to seam with to the last slip stitch "live" loop .. I sewed a few stitches around that slip stitch just to be sure it wasn't coming undone..
 making sure to "capture' all of the loose ends ... I tucked them in a bit as I seamed.. making sure not to get too bulky
  I also trimmed of the longer edge of the Sashay yarn so it would sew up evenly.. and not hang lower

that was it.. nice and smooth.. no worries about hiding the knot under the ponytail .. not as fast as other methods I am sure but hopefully they hold up well... now to get someone to try them out and maybe even a photo with one in use

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dragon Scale Baby Booties Crochet pattern

                               Dragon Scale Baby Booties

I have been wanting to make a scale bootie pattern for ages now..
I finally put aside the time to do it.. newborn and 3 month sizes.. lots of photos.. written in American terms.. worsted weight yarn.

Now through April 30 2018 ( midnight mt time ) use coupon code BOOTIES to get pattern for only one dollar , be sure to add code before checking out as there are no refunds or returns.. only on my Raverly store
  click here


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Quick Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Quick Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Written in American terms

Fits 7.5 inches around, 6 inches long

Hook size US H8/5.00mm
77 yards of  worsted weight yarn, pictured in Red Heart's With Love Pewter .. this yarn tends to run on the heavy side of worsted weight yarns, using thinner yarn such as Caron Simply Soft will give you a smaller glove without changing the pattern
First 4 rounds = 1.5 by 7.5 inches

ch = chain
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
sc2tog = single crochet two stitches together


Both gloves made the same.
Every round starts out with a chain 1, this does not count as a stitch, hdc in same place as starting chain.
Every round is joined with a slip stitch. All rounds are worked in the round so do not turn.

Read notes before starting pattern.

1) ch 22
2-4) hdc 22
5) hdc twice in the first 2 stitches, hdc 20
6) hdc twice in the first stitch, hdc 2, hdc twice in the next stitch, hdc 20
7) hdc twice in the first stitch, hdc 4, hdc twice in the next stitch, hdc 20
8-10) hdc 28
11) hdc 1, skip 6 stitches hdc 20
12) hdc 1, hdc around "joining" stitch over thumb opening, hdc 20
13) hdc 22
14) hdc 22, after join do not cut yarn unless no trim is desired.

 ch 1, sc in the same space, * ch 3, skip 2 stitches, sc in the next* repeat * * to end, join with first sc, fasten off.

1) join yarn on any thumb opening stitch, ch 1, sc in the same space, sc around to first stitch, join
2) ch 1, sc to the last 4 stitches sc2tog twice, join
3) ch 1, sc in same space, ch 1, skip 1 stitch sc 1* repeat * * to end, join with first sc , fasten off, weave in ends.

any items made with this pattern may be sold

 PDF can be purchased here

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

First weaving Done

My frame weaving loom worked quite well... my weaving skills are lacking
 clearly lol.. the goal was to just whip one out so I could practice embroidery on yarns works for that it was perfect .. I left it on the loom instead of placing it on a hoop.. nice and easy
I love the look.. and it was so much fun to do.. now that I have made one I want to make more.. so the next step is to weave faster.. I am using a dowel stick to lift half of the warp lines.. makes it much faster going one way
 but going back is a bit slower.. as each line had to be wove by hand.. the long needle does help.. however I would like to make a few other things with it.. at a faster rate.. 
side note have you seen scarfs wove out of Lions Brands Mandala ... just wow ...

working on making a heddle out of popsicle sticks.. ok craft sticks.. way smaller than the ones I recall as a kid lol.. in this application the size is perfect.. picked them up at the dollar store, a penny a piece .. a bit of sanding is in order.. as I need 80 plus I pulled out my rotary tool for the job.. hopefully it works out... I so want one of those scarfs..  

Got to work on my next pair of flip flop slippers a bit today.. still a long way off.. next pattern Dragon Scale Baby Booties sizes for newborn to six months coming up soon

Friday, March 23, 2018

what's been on my hooks

Got another c2c done.. well half of one lol... had an order for a shawl.. tried at least 5 other patterns.. just wasn't feeling right.. set it aside to rethink it yet again
picked up the c2c I've been working on here and there.. the second photo.. more on that in a second..
I hit me right away.. it would work using a c2c stitch.. I love the cozy feel of it.. took one skein of reddish orange,  2 skeins of green and one light purple all Simply Soft by Caron, on a size J/10-6.00 mm hook.. have about 60 hours tied into it.. so much for c2c being fast lol.. really it did go quick once I picked the right pattern.. close to 200 squares of 3 dc's and a ch3 across the top.. didn't get the measurements, almost forgot the photo.. wove in ends sitting in the van just before handing it off lol 

This c2c I started to use up the older yarn I have been gifted.. going to take a few more of them to get it used but we get a nice cozy warm blanket out of it and the yarn doesn't get wasted.. after waiting all those years it would be a real shame not to use it right..  :D

this wrap was also created to use up some of the "funky" yarns I have been gifted.. also to learn new techniques.. this is what got me thinking about weaving again.. The body is crocheted with a large hook.. Q 15.75 mm using super bulky chanel yarn.. thinner yarn is than woven in between the stitches.. no clue what kind of yarn that was.. didn't have a label on it.. it goes from thick to thin and is on the fuzzy side.. I used eyelash for the crocheted over laid stitching.. and another type of chanel ( dark blue and thinner ) for the embroidered roses... I added a trim of fuzzy/metallic along all edges.. the fringe is of the woven yarn and some blue super saver I had that matched..

I learned a lot of new skills and used a lot of yarn I had no clue what to do with  ... now to add taking a good photo to my list of thing to do..  like I haven't been trying for years   lol
It really did come out nicer that this makes it look.. Really

Yet another project I'm working on.. got them ready for yarn.. hopefully they will see my feet some time soon ;)