Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yo yo Scrubby revisited

Yo yo Scrubby

4 ½” across, 2” tall
19 yards of worsted weight 100% cotton
18 yards of worsted weight 100% acrylic
Size 11 US needles
Thread needle

Cast on 29 sts with acrylic.
Row 1: k1, yo, k3tog, * yo, k2tog * repeat to last stitch, yo, k1.
Row 2: k1, kf/b, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.
Change to cotton, leaving acrylic uncut.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 carrying unused yarn along seam. Switching colors every 2 rows, for a total of 14 repeats ending in cotton. Bind off, leaving tail for seaming.

Sew the cast on edge to the bind off edge wrong side facing. Weave in loose ends leaving tail.
With tail, thread through closest edge weaving in and out ( drawstring style ), pull tight to close hole. Turn right side out, using same tail weave open edge in same manner, pull tight. Secure center by stitching through center a few times, weave in end.

Turn on side, tie securely in middle with cotton yarn leaving long end with a slip knot, for yo yo string, making sure both sides are even.
kf/b = knit in front and back of same stitch.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

cat derrière coasters free crochet pattern revisit

While I am busy working on my next project I decided to share a few from the past ..

cat derrière coasters free crochet pattern

 I US hook ( 5.50mm)
3/4 yard of pink 100% cotton worsted weight
11 1/2 yard of main color 100% cotton worsted weight
Exact gauge is not essential to this project

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
increase = 2 single crochets in same stitch
sl st = slip stitch

1) sc 6 into magic circle using pink join, cut yarn and fasten off.
2) ch1 in any sc of ring, sc1 in same stitch, sc twice in all stitches using main color, join with first sc
3) ch2, sc in same space as join to top ch of ch2 counting as first increase here and through out pattern, sc1, *increase, sc1* to end of round join
4) *increase, sc2* to end of round join
5) *increase, sc3* to end of round join
6) *increase, sc4* to end of round join
7) ch7, sc in second ch from hook through back bar, sc in same manner to end of chains, slip stich to next sc to fasten back to body, sl st 14,* ch 4, sc3 starting in second ch from hook through back bar, sl st on to body in next sc** ( first leg done ), sl st 4, repeat from* to ** fasten off.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pattern sale on Raverly

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Basic dish cloth, scrubby and small round cloth/coaster pattern set

                                   Basic dish cloth, scrubby and small round cloth/coaster

I have recently been gifted some 2oz. size skeins of 100% cotton yarn, worsted weight.. as I am sure they most likely will bleed when washed, I decided to make simple dish cloths and scrubbies for home use .... although I have made these for gifts and for sell with color fast yarn they go fast..
Each set uses less than one skein of the cotton and a few yards of Tulle. I have used the scrubby yarn by Red Heart and love it.. either work well, but if you want a lower cost option go with the Tulle, I buy it by the yard and cut into 2 inch wide strips, no need to worry about perfect cuts as it won't show when done..
here's the basic patterns...
gauge doesn't matter

the cloth is worked it double half crochet, with a single crochet trim
mine is 7.5 inches wide and about 9 inches long with trim

chain 24, double half crochet for 21 rows or so.. I had enough left over to do another row or two, ( I do crochet on the loose side.. )
instead of cutting the yarn and fastening off to do the trim I passed the skein through the last loop to fasten off and chained one doing a single crochet ( 3 around corners ) around the whole thing..

I used 3 sizes crochet hooks
N-9.00mm for the Tulle.. if you cut it into smaller strips you can get away with a smaller hook size but I find it tends to break if you pull your stitches to snug them up..

size J/10-6.00mm for the first round off cotton

and size K/10.5-6.50mm for the single crochet trim

using tulle and size N hook
chain 4, slip stitch join into the first chain
chain 3, double crochet 11 into ring
fasten off.

I switched to size J hook and cotton yarn using 3 strains at a time check out how to with one skein here .. in any of the double crochet stitch of the last round join the cotton chain 3 and double crochet in the same place.. 2 double crochets in each stitch going around, join with a slip stitch
for a smooth trim without the need to increase I went to a larger size hook.. size K
chain 1, single crochet around and fasten off...

I still had a bit of yarn left over .. not wanting it to get mixed in I decided to use it up with a small round cloth, about 4.5 inches
can be used as a face cloth or coaster ( after testing for color bleeding if using this yarn )

size J hook
1) chain 2, single crochet into the first chain 10 times, slip stitch join into the first single crochet
2) chain 3, double crochet into same space, 2 double crochet into each stitch, slip stitch join into the top of the chain 3
3) chain 3, double crochet in same space, *1 double crochet in the next stitch, two double crochet in the next* repeat* to end join into the top of the chain 3
4) ch 1 single crochet into the same space, 2 single crochets in each stitch around fasten off

 for a easy download of these patterns go to craftsy.com


Friday, February 24, 2017

Tip SCF join in the round

SCF join in the round

 been using the single foundation stitch for head bands like crazy.. needed a smooth join.. this is it ... love it .. well worth the watch

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tips crochet I cord and jogless stripes

crochet i cord 
I needed a I cord to finish a project but didn't have a dpn with me... came across this sweet..

Crocheted Jogless Stripes
 This I came across one day by chance...nice


Classic fingerless gloves with longer thumb gusset

 I was asked if I could add on to the gusset without changing the rest of the glove.. adjusted only one round ... same fit, more of the thumb covered ... I used I Love This Yarn in Brileybug for the new ones..

Classic fingerless gloves with longer thumb gusset
Size 9 US dpns or circular needles
gauge 7 sts. by 11 rows per 2 inches
76 yards of worsted weight yarn

Both gloves made the same

k = knit
knit = knit all stitches of that round
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
kf/b = knit the front loop like normal, then knit the back loop of the same stitch making a one stitch increase
p = purl
psso = pass slid stitch over stitch just worked
sl st = slide stitch purl wise
( )x = repeat instructions inside of brackets as many times as the number after the x indicates
cast on 30 stitches
1) k1, p1
2) p1, k1
3) k1, p1
4) p1, k1
5) k1, p1
6) p1, k1
7) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, k1, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6, p1
8) sl st, p1, psso, ( k1, p1 )x6, sl st, k1, psso, ( p1, k1 )x6
9) k1, p1
10 - 13) knit
14) ( k2tog, k11 )x 2
15 - 24) knit
25) kf/b stitch marker, k22, stitch marker, kf/b
26) knit
27) k1, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k1
28) knit
29) k2, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k2
30) knit
31) k3, kf/b, k22, kf/b, k3
32 - 33) knit
34) knit to end of round, knit 5 off ( gusset stitches ) next round, turn, p10 turn k5
35) k27, * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat until all of the thumb gussets stitches are worked ( all stitches between stitch markers )
36) k20, kf/b
37) kf/b into the next stitch joining in the round again, knit the rest of the round
38 - 44) knit
bind off as * k2tog, slip the stitch back onto the left needle purl wise * repeat to end, fasten down, weave in ends