Monday, August 3, 2015

Quick one pot stove top tuna casserole

I've been asked a few times how I make my tuna casserole ... so here it is
Tuna casserole

2 lbs of elbow noodles
12 oz can of light tuna in water
3 cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup ( 10.5 oz )
bag of frozen peas
about half a cup of onion, chopped
Morton's Nature's Seasons ( seasoning blend )
 sea salt
garlic powder

Cook noodles in large pot, with a touch of sea salt and garlic powder added to the water before boiling
drain noodles .. do not rinse .. set aside

in pot add peas, onion and soups  ( I put a few ozs of water in the bottom of one can and stir to get all the soup out.. moving same water to the next can and so on.. add to mixture in pot )
add tuna after draining
add seasoning blend to taste... mix heating just a bit, over low heat.. onions should stay crisp..
mix in noodles .. let set for a minute or two .. serve warm

this makes a large pot .. feeds us four plus left overs.. left overs good rewarmed or cold

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Free starfish coaster crochet pattern at Joann's

I was at Joann's craft store the other when one of their free patterns caught my eye.. a quick easy crochet coaster .. I had to give it a go :D
it was fun to work up.. I will be doing more..

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer roses

Summer is in full swing ... gardens are looking good.. roses in full bloom.. I love this bush.. it has so many colors in each rose.. pink, orange, red and yellow :D

Jorden put together some for me..
 Loved them

He did more so we could add them to our tables at the market.. :D
We been getting a lot of rain this year.. rainbows every few days

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

to reflect

I got some reflective yarn by Red Heart thinking I would make a few simple items to make it easier to be seen while walking the dogs at night... in the colder months I take them during the day, but as things heat up it gets too hot for that... so with this in mind I wanted light weight items that didn't add warmth..
I went with a long very skinny scarf that could be worn as a belt or tied on to whatever lol

Using size 15 US cables I cast on 175 stitches long tail.. in pink, cut the yarn.. knit a row in black again cutting the yarn... bound off in pink.. I just tied the ends together adding one strand of fringe to the end with less tail ends then tied them together....
Very easy takes only a few minutes,  but could make the difference of being seen or not 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

chickens... lots of chickens

Nostradamus loves watching the babies..

These are the little ones he is watching.. Cornish rocks, Leghorns, Cochins and two we are not sure about yet...

These little ones are bantam Cochins and Ameraucanas... and a few we are not sure of yet lol  ..

in this group we have Reds, Leghorns and buff Orpingtons

Theses are full sized Ameraucanas the only pullets we got other than in the first group.. they didn't have straight run.. we do try and stick with straight run as much as we can.. the roos will have a much longer happy life..
this is our new frizzle... so soft

this girl turned into quite a beauty.. in spite of the look she's giving my phone lol

a few of the hens we were gifted last fall.. they don't normally stick this close together glad I had my phone ready to snap a shot

this hen is one of the babies we hatched out last year.. she is a total sweetie...
just a few our new and not so new chickens..
Happy Easter

Sunday, March 15, 2015

At the Market

It was a beautiful day for the Sunday Farmers Market at Tractor Supply

 We took eggs for the first time, sells were good... thanks to the other vendors pointing the customers to us :D
 I had just enough quiet time to put the finishing touches on a knit healing shawl to go with the crochet ones