Saturday, August 23, 2014

More crochet drawstring bags

I just love little bags... they are so much fun to make, have so many uses... can be worn around your keck on your belt, hang in your car or any place for that matter... I charge many with reiki energies, by doing so you can send reiki to some one by writing down their name on a slip of paper and placing it in the bag... charge crystals or other small items...
I'm planning on selling a few these reiki charged bags at a up coming fair. I've been making them out of many types of yarn. So far this is my favorite pattern for crocheting them... they can be made in any size by adding more increases at the start of the pattern as well as adding rows...

here is the basic idea...

single crochet 8 times in a magic circle, slip stitch join

chain one, single crochet into base of last stitch, single crochet twice into each stitch

(    if a larger bag is wanted
 *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet one stitch* repeat to end
 *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet two stitches* repeat to end
 *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet three stitches* repeat to end     )

 single crochet all stitches until you reach the size you like

to make the area where the drawstring is threaded through do a round of twisted double crochet join with a slip stitch

chain two, *single crochet, chain one* repeat to end slip stitch to join and fasten off.

I made a simple chain stitch cord for the drawstring, weave it through the space created by the twisted stitches
I added beads to some charms to others :)

these are very similar to my other drawstring bag crochet pattern.. the difference being the way the area for the drawstring is constructed...
you can find that pattern here 
drawstring bags

Friends free tea candle cozy pattern

A friend of my has been crocheting for sometime now but never wrote down any of her patterns until now... it's a garden tea candle cozy, although I thought of other uses while making mine ( shown in photo )... my son is always starting new plants in jars this would make a nifty way to hang them... of course I thought it would be a cool way to hang needles as well lol

find pattern here

Thursday, July 31, 2014

portabella mushrooms

We came across some nice looking portabella mushrooms at a good price not long ago ( less than I could have made beef patties for )... at that point I had only tried making them twice... broiled and grilled both times using others recipes
this time I decided to do my own ... I cut some fresh herbs adding a bit of balsamic vinegar into olive oil... let that sit a good hour or more.... I used it to coat the mushrooms and some zucchini slices .. grilling all... when the mushrooms were almost done I added green chillie and cheeses...The guys raved about it for days...  

after telling my mom about them she wanted to try them as she had made us a wonderful shrimp stir-fry the night before I was more than willing to see if we could recreate the dish... this time we used French bread instead of wheat ( mom's not a fan of wheat bread ) and we added some bell peppers, green tomatoes and potatoes on the grill as well, using the oil to coat everything except the potatoes, I put them in foil with sea salt, parsley and a bit of black pepper ... I'm so happy we were able to pull everything off the grill just as a heavy rain started.... everyone loved it.... think I'll be keeping this recipe lol

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cotton crochet sachet

I'm not a fan of canned "air fresheners"
I do love the smell of many herbs and flowers and making bags :D
with bits of end pieces of cotton I put this small very quick and simple
sachet together 
for use in my car
I used a size H US hook and a few yards worsted weight cotton yarn... I put it on a hook style key chain with a button closure... it's made so it doesn't close tightly on top but can hold a couple of crystals while hanging from my dashboard..

this pattern can be made to any size you'd like using whatever hook and yarn you have laying around... just keep the stitches loose enough to let a bit of air flow through but not so loose the your crystals pop out :D

I chained a few stitches ( any number you like to get the width needed ) for the foundation, double crochet ( dc ) into the second chain from the hook, dc until you reach the first chair stitch, dc 3 times into that stitch going around to the other side of the foundation row, dc to the end of those chain stitches, dc into the last one 3 times... from there dc all stitches until you reach the size you want.. dc haft the stitches turn ( making sure you are at the start of a new round ), dc half of those stitches ( so 1/4 of over all stitches )  chain enough stitches to go around your button, dc to end of row fasten off.... if you'd like a longer flap add a few more rows of dc's before making the chain stitches for the button closure... weave in ends, sew on button, either make a chain cord to hang form or add a key chain hook... add a charm or 2... I added a silver feather to this one    


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sari silk skirt/cover up

This is a Sari silk draw string skirt/cover up... a large rectangle... it's all double crochet stitches to the length ( about 14 inches ), after chaining to the width I wanted ( about 31 inches at the top and 36 on the bottom ) I started from the bottom and did a few decreases going up... used a size K US hook... took about 300 grams of yarn ( didn't get the yardage )... I made the draw string long enough to crisscross along the side opening...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wavie crochet scrubbie/wash cloth

My son asked me to make a dish scrubbie/cloth that was cotton in the center with an acrylic edge

and could be folded easily for gripping... here's what he got

I used about 20 yards each of worsted weight cotton and acrylic yarn
Size I US hook

1 ) with cotton yarn, magic circle or chain 4 stitches and join into a circle with a slip stitch in the first chain

2 ) chain 1, single crochet 8 times in the circle, join with a slip stitch

3 -4 ) chain 1, half crochet stitch twice into each stitch, join with slip stitch

5 -6 ) chain 1, half crochet stitch 1, half crochet twice into next stitch, join with slip stitch

7 ) change to acrylic yarn, chain 1, half crochet stitch 1, half crochet twice into next stitch, join with slip stitch

8 ) chain 1, half crochet stitch twice into each stitch, join with slip stitch fasten off

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Easy crochet dish cloths in the round

       cloths in photos are unblocked

Both cloths are made the same up until the shell round... I used a larger hook ( I ) with the reddish one and a few more increases

Size H US hook
32 yards of 100% cotton worsted weight yarn approximately ( less for the red one )
7 inches wide ( red 5 3/4 )
Exact gauge is not essential to this project

1 ) chain 4 join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a circle
2 ) chain 2, double crochet 11 into the circle
3 - 4 ) chain 2, double crochet, increase 1.. keep stitches on the loose side
5 ) increase once into each stitch.... this is where I stopped the red one ( ran out of yarn lol )
6 ) double crochet into the next stitch 5 times, skip 2 stitches repeat to end, slip stitch into the top of the first shell and bind off... weave in ends