Sunday, April 24, 2016

The BIG 50


This week I turned 50.. something I had been looking forward to my whole life.. I have been saying for years I'd have a huge party.. then it dawned on me I don't like big parties lol..
so instead we had a huge egg sale at market.. chickens have been very good girls, we had plenty to sell.. great turn out :D
I was very surprised by all the gifts and well wishes I received this year... I even had a star named after our shop .. The Reiki Shack
Brent got me the chicken shirt I so wanted, as well as so many other things.. he even took the week off of work ..
I have wanted a pink bb gun for ages.. been having so much fun shooting cans lol

two friends at market gifted me plants and meal worm beetles... the aloe came from a older man who has been seeing some rough times.. he easily could have sold it, the meal worm starter kit from a young man we love to chat "chickens" with.. both very cool dudes in their own right.. going to this market has enriched our lives beyond monetary gains I had never dreamed of, you can never have enough good people in your life   ..   

Check this gift out.. from good friends and my best egg seller lol SWEET

As if things weren't busy enough around here already ... we added to our flock.. geese.. oh and a few more duckies... and a few more... came home with a couple more today ( not all shown here as the post would be sooo long lol )
So many wonderful things have happened.. Brent spent his week off fixing everything from the dryer to starting to rebuild the large green house taken down by 60+ mph winds... sales have been better than ever at the market.. was told today we have a "set" spot so no more searching one out.. looking into doing another market in town...
Brent knew how much we wanted to catch a few things on tv like debates and the summer games.. no one wanted to get back into the cable racket though.. He found a antenna on clearance .. we now get enough local channels to watch them.. and news.. it's been years.. odd to see commercials again lol...
Then the coolest thing happened to us that can only be called a true blessing.. 
the kittens we got ... 
needed to get their shots.. so they could be "fixed"
I see on a Facebook post that they were offering them for low cost at petsmart.. the catch it was market day.. it needed to be done.. even though we were all loaded up and ready to go, we loaded up Zahara and Yanni instead.. their first car trip.. to a place that had dogs every where.. they were not happy campers to say the least lol
we walk in and are asked if we were there to sign up to have our pets "fixed" for FREE ..
no I say but tell me more...
there is such an issue with unfixed pets and such around here I am told.. please sign up and it will all be covered..
when we agreed to take these kitties into our home it was due in large part that I didn't want to see them just turned out and having kitten after kitten.. but there was a real worry about covering costs for two at the same time..
not only was it free but it was done with care an skill
never had I seen before..
both are doing great only one day after.. counting my blessing and giving many thanks

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