Sunday, December 27, 2015

blizzard in the desert

The snow started around 12:30 pm Saturday.. by the time we left for the store about a hour later this was the view of our road
it was coming down hard  ..
you couldn't see more than a few yards.. this photo is of hwy 70.. the car just ahead of us can't be seen...

we stopped to take a few photos in the yard.. in 28 years of living here in the desert we have never seen so much snow ( I don't own a jacket, very happy for my knit and crochet wear )
our fenced garden was turned into an igloo

before sunset you couldn't see feet ahead of you
 hours before it stopped ...

by the time it let up to flurries we were buried in at least 9 inches of snow..

by midday Sunday we could see the sky and mts again.. not looking good for our beaver tail and other cactus     
beautiful true.. many deadly things are.. more than 3000 people, blocks from us were without power through out the night.. roads were covered in black ice.. many accidents .. Brent couldn't get out of the driveway to even try the 45 min. run to work.. lost holiday pay plus a days wage.. not going to be easy.. but we are lucky we have a home.. food.. and each other...
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