Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quick crochet hat

Using Red Heart Super saver ( worsted weight ) in dark blue and a size K us hook...

 ( this pattern can be made using any size hook and corresponding sized yard by just adjusting  increase rows to fit size needed, it also works well with the half double crochet stitch for a thicker hat )

chain ( ch ) 4 join with a slip stitch to from a ring, chain 2, double crochet ( dc ) until the ring is full ( not bunched up though ) in this one I did 13

join each round with a slip stitch and start the next with a ch 2 ( counts as your first dc )

the second round dc into the same space as your starting chain 2 ( counts as your first increase ),  dc twice into each stitch

third round increase in the same manner as last round, dc 2,  increase the next stitch, dc 2 repeat your increase followed by 2 dc's to the end of round

fourth round do the same as the last round with 3 dc's in between increases ( if any extra rounds are needed just add another dc in between increases for each round )

I found this to be big enough to fit ( most ) adults without adding any more increase rounds using the larger need size

from here I just dc in every stitch for each round... this one I did 7 more rounds of dc's... stop when you get to the size you want.. add a few extra rounds to made one that can fold up along the brim

Added note... if after any given round you find you just need the hat a bit bigger .. try just adding a few increases evenly across the round..  depending on size needed I've found that either 4 or 6 more stitches work nicely
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