Monday, November 17, 2014

my take on Salisbury steak and baked potatoes

This post has been edited on 11/18/14
I forgot to add one ingredient to the Salisbury steaks... green chillie.. I was pretty tired is all I can..
they can be made with out them but around here it's a must in most dishes lol
I love getting dinner ideas from friends and web posts.. this one was inspired by a few posts and chatting with friends..
one friend shared a photo of her dinner that include mushroom gravy... loving the stuff and not having it in awhile I started to plot out a dinner menu that didn't include my usual main dish for mushroom gravy.. steak ..  my jaw is still giving me issues from cracking it in a fall a while ago.. I have been adding more foods to my diet again but there is no way I can eat steak yet, truth be told we don't eat much red meat even when all is going good... but that mushroom gravy sounded too good to pass up.. the deal I found on jarred mushrooms at the dollar store didn't hurt, even though I normally use fresh.. 
not long after the gravy photo was shared... a slow cooker Salisbury steak recipe was shared .. followed by a talk at a party of baked potatoes...
To start off I pre -cooked whole washed and pierced potatoes in a pot of water with a good amount of garlic and some sea salt... after they get almost tender enough to poke to the center with a fork.. I wrap them in aluminum foil lightly coated with both garlic powder and sea salt... bake until done at a medium heat ( 350 )
not having a large slow cooker, I decided to go with pan frying my own recipe of Salisbury steaks.. 
about five pound of ground round or low fat hamburger, one box of turkey stuffing, low sodium type ( cuts down on the red meat ), 3 fresh eggs, about a pound and a half of medium heat chopped green chillie a bit of onion and garlic powder to taste ... mix together and let set for a few minutes before pressing into patties.. cook over a low heat covered, turning as needed until done ( lightly browned ).. this makes over a dozen good sized patties... I only used one pan layering them and repositioning top to bottom as needed, draining the grease as I did so
for the gravy I used a 32 oz. box beef stock ( low sodium and MSG free ) with about half a box of added water and heated to almost a boil.. added a bit of cayenne powder, sea salt with a touch both garlic and onion powder...  some flower to thicken it close to the texture I wanted.. then a touch of corn starch.. until thickened to liking, in a separate pot from patties  .. 
by adding the garlic powder ( not garlic salt ) in the start of cooking you get a nice mild flavor.. ( I use a mix of iodized sea salt and Himalayan pink sea salt )
some frozen veggies on the side and it was a huge hit...
it was such a big hit no one minded having leftovers the next night, I placed the patties in a glass baking dish with the gravy smothering it, covered.. on the top rack of the oven, with the potatoes still in foil on the bottom rack at a medium to low heat.... we had run out of frozen veggies so we sliced a few freshly ripped tomatoes ( taken off the vines while still green before the first freeze ) and sprinkled the with parsley flakes and white vinegar.. another take on a wonder recipe shared by a good friend who is a great chef ...

I forgot to take a photo before starting as it too hard to wait having already tasting it the night before lol

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