Thursday, July 31, 2014

portabella mushrooms

We came across some nice looking portabella mushrooms at a good price not long ago ( less than I could have made beef patties for )... at that point I had only tried making them twice... broiled and grilled both times using others recipes
this time I decided to do my own ... I cut some fresh herbs adding a bit of balsamic vinegar into olive oil... let that sit a good hour or more.... I used it to coat the mushrooms and some zucchini slices .. grilling all... when the mushrooms were almost done I added green chillie and cheeses...The guys raved about it for days...  

after telling my mom about them she wanted to try them as she had made us a wonderful shrimp stir-fry the night before I was more than willing to see if we could recreate the dish... this time we used French bread instead of wheat ( mom's not a fan of wheat bread ) and we added some bell peppers, green tomatoes and potatoes on the grill as well, using the oil to coat everything except the potatoes, I put them in foil with sea salt, parsley and a bit of black pepper ... I'm so happy we were able to pull everything off the grill just as a heavy rain started.... everyone loved it.... think I'll be keeping this recipe lol

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