Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drawstring bags

I picked up some yarn on clearance... wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I'm a sucker for clearance sales especially when they are 50% off :) .... 2 them were from Lion Brand came with a pompom and pattern for a hat.... at $3. each I thought why not, looks fun
...until I checked out the web page and found the corrections... one skein would make a hat but only in small sizes for young children.. the pompom is about the size of a orange.. couldn't see putting that on a small child's hat and expect it to stay on the poor kid..
now I did have 2 skeins, I could have used it to make one hat but after reading the pattern I didn't like it... this wasn't sounding fun any more...
for me crafting is about fun.. I have fun making things... fun either gifting or selling them.. fun coming up with quick easy patterns I can share with others here on my blog... to make some thing I didn't find fun I can only imagine would leave it not feeling... well fun
So funky yarn plus fun factor... for me that turned out to be making a couple of drawstring bags with one of the skeins :D
The first is a simple straight stitch knit bag using size 5 dpns ( set of 4 )
cast on 9 place on 3 dpns join
1) knit front and back of all stitches
2) knit all stitches
3 and 4) as rounds 1 and 2
5 - 31) knit all stitches
32) knit 2 together, yarn over repeat to end
33) knit one, knit front and back of the yarn over stitch, repeat to end
34) bind off, weave strand of yarn through the yarn over openings for drawstring. 

the second bag is a little bigger done in crochet.. with a shell stitch top

using a size G hook
1) single crochet 8 times in a magic circle
2) single crochet twice into each stitch
3) *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet one stitch* repeat to end
4) *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet two stitches* repeat to end
5) *single crochet twice into next stitch, single crochet three stitches* repeat to end
6 - 26) single crochet all stitches
27) chain one, skip one stitch double crochet 5 times into next stitch,    *chain one, skip two stitches double crochet 5 times into next stitch* repeat to end.. join in first chain stitch of round, fasten off.
I made a simple chain stitch cord with the yarn left over for the drawstring, weaving it into the bottom of the shell stitches

I didn't worry about gauge or counting yardage but the skein is 2.3 oz with 98 yards of medium weight

Still no clue of what to do with the rather large pompom.... maybe a cat toy.... 


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