Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crochet 3 color headband


Crochet 3 color headband

Adult size ( easily made to any size )

Size I/9-5.5 mm hook

Exact gauge is not essential to this project

Color A 3 ½ yards worsted weight

Color B 7 yards worsted weight

Color C 3 ½ yards worsted weight

ch = chain stitch

dc = double crochet

sl = slip stitch

1 ) using color A, leave 16 inches or so for tie, ch 50 ( or about 3 inches short of length to go around head ) turn

2 ) change to color B ( cut yarn A leaving a 16 inch tail of both colors ) ch2, dc into back loop to end, turn

3 ) change to color C ( cut yarn B leaving a 16 inch tail of both colors, giving you 3 tail strands ), sl into front loop of chains to end, fasten off leaving 16 inch tail.

Braid 3 tail strands on each side to make tie, knot at end.
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