Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Last year was the hardest year I've faced in many ways 
I spent many hours in a park
standing by a tree knitting one day I asked my Angels for help
yes I am pagan...
yes I believe in Angels
stay strong be happy in spite of everything
work on what you need to
 help the ones you can
we are doing what is needed
listen and you will be guided
I believe and trust my guides
so that's the path I followed
much time has passed now...
things are brighter
I stopped at this park not long ago
watching my guys
happily walk our doggies
I thanked
my Angels
hardly believing all we'd been through
when I looked down a saw a pink sparkle deep in the grass...
even though it was brisk outside and it was covered with moisture in the shadow of another tree
it was warm to the touch
the cross was missing it's center stone but other wise undamaged and remarkably clean
I've since replaced the missing stone with a crystal
fits as if made for it
I will hold this dear to me not because it's a cross but
because I know they heard me
life is good

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