Saturday, January 25, 2014

Granny square find

One of our very favorite things to do as a family to celebrate is thrift store shopping :D
So for son and hubby's back to back b-days we did just that..
Everyone found something they love.. hubby got music cd's and movies... one son got nice boots and got a nice shirt ( he also got a dozen or more seeds packs from the dollar store at 4 for a buck )
I was the one who hit the jack pot 2 pair of leather boots, 2 new pair of boot style slippers, 4 heavy duty dinner plates, a new pair of fleece leggings ( great under skirts in cold weather ) and these..  
a whole bag of granny squares...155 of them, in 3 shades of green.. less than $3.
 I love granny squares...
they had to come home with me...
all of the work that had to have gone into making these couldn't be for naught...
for whatever reason they found their way to a thrift store they will not be a wasted effort 
I am making some of the same size in different colors with my "left over" yarn that is too long for my ever growing ball of end pieces

I save every piece of yarn over an inch long after weaving in the tails...
I made a wrap with the last ball... haven't decided what this one will be yet.. I do love wraps though <3 p="">
I'm think I'll make the granny squares into a colorful small afghan.. to go with the larger square one I'm making  
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