Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back in Black Creative Services

Check out these photos of some of my knit items

Wow Right?? :D
         you are looking at the knits right lol

 modeled by a member of The Sun City Girls Professional Dance Team

 Sabine a good friend of mine who works with the photographer ( see photo below ) asked him to take a few shots of some of the knit items I made for her ( Thank you both )

They do all kinds of photography not just knits ;)

    I'll be adding these patterns to my blog soon, I had to share a few of the photos first :D

one of the hardest things about making
and sharing patterns ( other than naming them ;) ) is taking a good photo of them...

Frank makes it look so easy, however I know it is all about the talent and skill... he has plenty of both

this photo was taken by another friend Leti Ortiz who was kind enough to let me share her work of them working lol.. I am blessed with many talented good people in my life.... Life is Good

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