Tuesday, November 6, 2012

greens eggs

This is one of our girls she is an Ameraucana. She laid her first egg ( green )...she was so proud :) it was so cool she waited until I came in :) this has happened with most of our girls...a few days ago one of the buff Orpingtons pushed her way past our barred Rock and one of the reds to lay her first egg right in front of me :D cool
                   they love it when we give then reiki as they are laying....
                                             well they just love it lol
                       once they see us start reiki they all want to be held
                  That green egg brought the total for today to it's highest so far of 11

We still have 1 buff Orpington and 2 Ameraucana's to start laying, they are around 30 weeks now it can't be much longer.....knock knock knock

After going back out to the coop we found # 12 by one of our reds, our first full dozen in one day Sweet :D Thank you girls.... good chickies :D

We were getting a bit scarce on eggs around here....we were only getting 6 and 7 per day. Brent had been working on our coops all last week, slowed the eggs down for a few days then it picked up again but when he stopped working on it they slowed down again....hate to tell them there are more changes to come lol
One of the changes will be happening tomorrow ( we had expected today ) is our shipment of chicks.
The other change we had no clue about happened last night.
A friend came across an injured chicken, that was fighting hard to keep going...was trying to live among horses.
You could see where she was spending most of her time in a wash under weeds...she had clearly spent a long time there...was sleeping in one of the sheds full of fiberglass insulation poor thing.... her leg is injured, won't let us get a good look at her yet, but no clear injury, no broken bones that we can feel or see, no cuts or other marks, she is moving around much better today, eating drinking water, doing the regular chicken things .... all we know for sure is she is molting so she's not real young ( where she was staying had feathers everywhere, no signs of any other animals in the clear tracks )...she is very small so bantam I'm thinking, no other clue as to what breed she maybe...only guessing on the "she" part, haven't heard any crowing, no spurs.... 

Now the issue is...... it was a "can you come and help now kind of thing" so I stuck her in the area we were going to place the new chicks............
While she seems very alert, I can't place her in the big coop of course....the reds would eat her alive....we have roo's in the other 3 coops.....

                                         be careful what you ask for ;)
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