Thursday, April 12, 2012

Randy Granger

Randy Granger

We got another chance to see Randy play this week....what a show

I did take a shot with my phone, not even close to how good the setting was
his music and voice filled the room
it was Great

AND Brent got me a new knitting bag :D 
matches the color of my other bag, you can never have too many knitting bags ;)
I thought he got me a tee shirt as well, but now he's saying it might look better on him lol 

It really was a good show, we heard a song from his newest CD yet to be released, very moving....looking forward to hearing more....

It's always so much fun to listen to the people coming out of his shows.....he blows them away...the feeling and heart he puts into his music comes through so clearly
One young guy was so taken, he really wanted a CD but didn't have cash on hand.....he went out to his car and found enough to buy a disk....said he couldn't wait to have his friends hear it :D 

The only issue we had was a bit of allergy flare ups, for the guys mostly....I just got real dry and had a hard time talking near the end, but I had taken a sinus tab, they didn't take anything more than their Allegra the night before....not bad for the amount of perfume and air fresheners we were among...... we even took the long way back to our car, walking on grass with trees in full bloom all around was beautiful 
while we still have the small issues with our allergies, running nose and the like, it's no where near what price we used to pay..........
after we came home and cooked out.....Jorden's green chili on is good

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Randy Granger and dragons

We went to see Randy Granger perform yesterday at the Cultural Diversity Day held at Dona Ana Branch Community College  
This is Randy playing the Halo and the Hang ( pronounced hung ) , his hands move so fast it hard to get a clear shot :D       

We really weren't sure what we were walking into, but any chance to see him play live we try and make it there, it is always a lot of fun...... it's never like "been there done that" kind of thing, each show has it's own feel about it, his talent is amazing......the guy can even make tapping on a table sound good lol
We get there and it's clearly set with a Asian theme COOL
When I think of Randy and his music I never really thought Asian
but he really fit in well, he even played an impromptu encore with one of the professors singing
not only did we get to see Randy play
we got to see some really nice art work
 This was embroidered all in satin stitch, my phone did not take as good of a shot as I would have liked ( never does, like I need the help getting a bad shot lol ), it was done so well it did look like a photo

                and check out these silk fans

and dragons ( embroidered as well )
not only great music and cool art work but they fed us sushi :D

We heard some poetry and kids singing
they really put a lot of work into it :D
the only issue we ran into was we were sitting in the middle in front of the stage ( we were lucky enough to have a very nice guy let us sit with him ) we kind of got surrounded by everyone who wanted a good photo line up, the applause was so loud the guys were dang near deaf after the show lol

 Thanks to all of the performers
it was a great show