Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hope everyone had a good St. Patty's Day

It went really good for us yesterday :D

We went to a performance by Randy Granger ( ), he sings and plays Native American flute among many other talents.
Check out some of his you tube videos, if there is any reason for me to get off of dial up internet it would be to see his videos ( I can make red sauce now :D ), as it is I’m willing to wait for a few hours for them to upload lol …. good uninterrupted crafting time ;)

We have been able to see him a few times.
One show was at White Sands, it was to be outside in the dunes. It started to rain, along came the thunder…..
We were a bit late, by the time we got there they were moving everything into a large room, big wooden beams across the roof…...not only was that the prettiest I’ve ever seen White Sands, but the music was magical, even the thunder was well timed ;)

Yesterday it was the wind… gave you this feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere..... when you closed your eyes you could lose where you were….it just added this cool background sound.... even though Randy was playing a flute in the wind it sounded great, he worked it so well, and his voice…….again the magic of his music comes through

We were a bit late to this show again ( I swear I’m driving next time lol ) but it turned out really cool.... we got to see how his playing was hitting people the closer we got…....people were just stopping in mid speech to listen, even walking away from who there were talking to lol
At one show I heard a man ask his wife as she was getting one of Randy's Cd's, if she was sure that it had the song that made her cry on it, as he liked that one too :D ( Hallelujah )
Even though the weather may kick up or something comes up, he is always professional in a light hearted easy manner, quick with humor….and that music…..

We went book shopping after that. Got me some beading books on clearance.
Lucky thing the book store is right next to the craft store, so got me a few things to finish up some bead work…...hit a thrift store too :D

We went to the park after that it was full, made sandwiches and kicked back watched all the people........

Got home in time to spend some daylight time outside in the garden :D

Worked on beading….had home made pizza that everyone one helped make ……..yep it was a good day, hope yours was too
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