Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy times

We had a great weekend. Started off with Brent coming home with a new phone for me Friday evening Sweet :D I love it.

Saturday was the Las Cruces Pagan Pride Day, it went great, so much fun but the time just flew by too fast :D They put so much work into this, it showed.... thank you all Great job :D

We sold most of the crafts we took :D so happy I wasn't wasting my time making all of those earrings lol.

We lost count of how many people we gave treatments :D

There was a really good turn out, everyone was so cool no issues at all :D

I got me some cool stuff, this carved wood alter and

cut crystal, a few books, a bell, and still came out a head :D

Sunday we were here great place really nice people :D
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