Monday, April 4, 2011

Beads and Wire

There are a few things I just love to "play" with..........yarns, buttons, crystals/rocks and beads.

Now I can add wire to that list :D

I would never have given it much thought if I hadn't seen wire knitted up lol

I had to give it a go............. yeah well that was only so you know what that does to a set of needles :( I couldn't put my needles through it ........ the trauma

I made one button and knitted wire pin but gave it away without taking a photo, it was nice and felt good but not my thing just thinking about how it felt on the needles............ that scraping ugh........... until I saw it done with a crochet hook............not real damaging to the hook, this is where it shows that I'm a knitter not crocheter........

This a crocheted wire and bead button pin, very quick to make, just string a few glass seed beads on some 26 gauge wire and chain stitch a few inches, I used a G hook, place beads as you go.

Attach to button and pin with wire, by 'sewing" them together through the button holes.

I like how quirky they come out no two a like :D

Playing with the seed beads again was fun. I had used them with my cross stitch in the past, but wanted to do more, so I got a bead loom.

I used this pattern in a knitted baby towel a while back, still need to test knit the pattern before posting :(

She's smaller than she looks in this photo, only a few inches long.

As you can see one thing leads to another.......wire, crystals, beads, buttons, pins... all go together so nicely

I was gifted some out standing beads, some old pretty leafs, crystals and hand painted glass beads........ they are so nice. I used a old button to match them, wired onto a pin. The crystals and beads are hanging from some wire work. Thank you so much Kelly :D

I used thicker wire this time. I made this pin to use with my skirts ( the wrap around scarf style )and thought stronger would be better............that lead to wire wrapping.....and these

brass and crystal earrings

as well as these crystal and copper ones, that lead to playing with stronger wire and this

stainless steel and lapis wire wrapped bracelet

Now how do I add knitting back into all of this.............

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