Thursday, December 2, 2010

all is well (knock knock knock )

I've have my fair share of crazy days but yesterday is right up there on the top of the list.
We live in a area that doesn't usually get very cold, this last week has been really cold, just like the rest of everywhere lol.
Down here we aren't really equipped to deal with it though. So everyone starts up there fireplaces or whatever they burn things in.
Our trailer has been blanketed in smoke for the better part of a week now. I have blankets over every door and window in this place. We can't use the furnace because it draws in air from outside. For 3 days we couldn't get it up to 60% in here. Thankfully is a bit warmer today and no one is burning.
My husband's work hours just went from working early mornings to evenings and part of the night.
While trying to get used to the new hours I stayed up until 7am yesterday. I was so tired I didn't wake up to take my allergy meds.
By the time I woke up, it was too late. I started to throw up uncontrollably, I got so dehydrated fast.
This has happened before and I came close to not coming out of it by waiting too long to get medical treatment.
After a few hours I decided to go to one of those quick care places. They wouldn't see me. Told me to go to the emergency room. Still unable to keep a sip of water down, we went.

Now while all of this is going down I had gotten a call from my Mom saying my Dad has skin cancer, and she was having problems with her diabetes.
I wanted post for prayers and Reiki to be sent to them on Facebook. My sister who lives in another state didn't know any of this. Not wanting to freak her out by just saying this online. I tried calling all the while throwing up. That's when I realised I didn't have her new phone number as they just moved.
My other sister called first sisters kids and I was called back while at the emergency room, just as they were trying to talk to me.
This is where things got even crazier, at the emergency room I started to get way worse, they have those automatic air fresheners, I am even more allergic to that then wood burning ( whatever our neighbors were burning smelled more like plastic ). I could not stay in the waiting room as I was losing my ability to breath on top of the throwing up. The place was full to boot. I tried going outside but the whole town was covered in that burning smell.
Some how my niece got things mixed up, could have been because there were people crying be side us, or because I had to stop and gage so many times in the short time I was talking to her, but she called my sister in a panic saying our Dad was dying and I had just taken him to the emergency room.
Good thing Mom had gotten a hold of her and was on the other line talking to her right then. I didn't tell my parents we were going to the emergency room first off because that wasn't the original plan. I didn't want to worry them any more, I knew what was wrong. I just couldn't control it this time, I couldn't even get my Reiki to kick in much as I was so dehydrated.
I couldn't keep water down so I was staying that way.
Even with a mask on I was starting to pass out at the hospital. I had to leave. It was the only thing I could do. We got back in the van. The guys had been giving me Reiki, but all the smells just keep setting me off.
I have no clue as to why but Mt. Dew seems to help me stop throwing up, I didn't think about it before that. I had gone hoping they could give me something to stop my stomach from spasming.
I had Brent stop and get me a soda, as crazy as this sounds it worked, that with the fact that we were in the van with no outside air coming in. He drove us outside of town on the mountain side, long enough for me to keep my meds down. The whole time the guys were sending me Reiki.
At this point my Reiki kicked back in as I was able to keep some water down.
The night before when I was trying to switch to his new hours I had gone to town at night something I never do. The whole time we were in one nasty smell to the next, my car always brings in outside air, so that was no help. It was one thing after another. My car started to make odd sounds, so I didn't go up the side of the mountain as I had planned.
We got home late last night, he had to miss work due to all of this. Not good. I passed out pretty much as soon as we got home I was so tried. Still all night they were burning, and smoke was filling up our home. Thank goodness for Reiki I don't know what I would have done without it, the guys pulled me through.
Today is a new day thankfully.
It is warmer, so no one is burning right now. Dad went to the doctor and they think they can remove 100% as he caught it so fast. He goes in for surgery tomorrow, as they had a cancellation. Mom is sounding better, she goes to the doctor in a bit. Brent got my car working again. I'm okay just feel like a truck ran over my gut lol
the difference a day can make.
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