Monday, December 6, 2010

26 years today

Brent and I have had the most wonderful time this weekend celebrating our 26th anniversary.

On Saturday after sleeping 3 hours ( we had just got used to his new later hours well almost ), we had so much fun with our Reiki class. Even though I couldn't keep a straight thought in my head it was great. The energy in that room was out of this world. I don't know if I would have been able to keep my line of thought with a full days sleep ;)

We are meeting the coolest people :D Reiki has been so good to us, and so have our friends and family.

We went from our workshop to an art fair,
Brent said I could get what I wanted. That was this bag it feels great. Kelly makes all of her art work feel wonderful.
Bill Kelly's husband, gave this plate to Brent as an anniversary gift, Kelly gave me a braid of sweet grass :D Truly nice people, they even gave Jorden Reiki :D
From there we went to our favorite restaurant Roberto's, I love their red sauce and...... well all of it lol. I like most Mexican food but I would rather go their then any other place, good thing the guys feel the same way. It was great :D We even we're lucky enough to have a friend come with us :D
All the gifts were just so kind and thoughtful. Thank you all :D
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