Sunday, November 7, 2010


I can not believe how fast this fall is going by. We pretty much missed a large part of Halloween this year. No pumpkins or pet hat :(

Could not get a photo of little dog in her new hat for anything. Tried the cat while we got one you couldn't really see the hat very well :(

My knitting and blogging have been taking a back seat to everything, from email to house work........yeah I said house work...... how have thing gone so wrong.........

So my knitting is where it should be right along side me at my computer blogging :D

another lesson learned ....okay relearned this week.......never ever play with a crystal without cleansing it well....... very well.

and another... stay away from sweet grass, at the very least keep it outside lol

It pretty much stopped our whole weekend. I still can't get the smell out of the house, and we never opened the bag, just the outer envelope.
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