Sunday, August 22, 2010

used books

After our Reiki share yesterday we stopped at our favorite used book store.

My son is very into gardening and loves to collect plant books of all kinds ( almost as bad as I am with knitting books ;) )

He found this huge "encyclopedia" he just had to have. No issues there we had plenty of credit,

my knitting book

and one other book all came to the grand total of $1.08 Sweet

We get home, he grabs his book and goes to his room. A few minutes later he comes out with this sick look on his face.

I ask if he's okay.......
he just looked at me than said after a long pause.............
that book I just got had another book inside of it.

Okay cool at least I now know why he looked so sick, he would never take anything without paying. I had rushed him a bit at the store so he didn't go through the book there. We all had carried it at one point or other and never noticed it. It's such a thick book another half inch didn't matter.

So he says we need to take it back but there a problem...............What?.......I'm told to just look

the back cover of the book looks like this other book has been there for some time..........

then I get a look at the title of the book

I almost fell out of my chair

I can't believe anyone wrote such a book!!!!!!!!

After seeing the look on my sons face you can bet your bottom dollar he will be checking all books before leaving the store lol

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