Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've been finding myself on Facebook more and more these days. Farmville is so much more fun when you add lots of family and friends.
Last night I decide to stay up late and play on my farm. I went to the fridge to get wasn't cold :(
that's when I heard the noise............the type of noise you hope to never hear coming from your refrigerator.......
We still don't know whats up with it ( Brent is at work ) it so far has worked out okay, not great but okay.

Mom sent over a bag of ice a while back. They needed to get some cold stuff home on a hot day. We don't use ice so I just stuck it in the freezer .........
The guys helped me move everything to the big freezer and coolers :)
We filled a few water bottles to freeze for more ice later, also something we don't normally have around here, water bottles.
I ended up buying a pack before our last Reiki share, I had forgotten to refill our regular "jugs" the night before.

The freezer wasn't even full, someone left a can of soda in it a little too long, so it had just been cleaned out pretty good lol
even the fridge part was easy, my car is laid up again, so I've just been having Brent pick up a few things here and there :D all in all it's not as bad as it could have been, we had just the right amount of cooler space and ice :D

This seems to be the feel of the whole week if not a bit longer.

After the last Reiki share, we met Brent at the used book store ( see last post lol )
He heard my car making a noise, we couldn't hear inside. Because of this I didn't go all the places I had been planning. We just made it home when the check engine light came on. Won't start now, but it's in my drive way :D Brent knows what's wrong, but has only had one day off this week.

A few nights ago, about 2:30 am, we hear Jorden yell...... " I hear something spraying loud ..........come quick........ I don't know if it's gas or water"........
He had just heard the noise start coming from the kitchen, called to us as he was going out there. Turns out it was a water leak, water was spraying every where. It wasn't a full minute before we were all out there with mop and towels.
They were out the door turning the water off less then two minutes into it, bare foot in the weeds. It must have been quite a sight, we were all running around in out night clothes with mops, buckets and towels, water flying every where lol
Had he not heard that as it was just starting, it would have been so much worse. Brent was able to fix the leak before going to work the next morning.
Took me most of the day to "fix" everything else. Things kind of got moved around a bit trying to dry up the water. I hadn't washed the last load of towels that day, so we had used those to dry the floor ;) even that worked out :D

All in all one of us has been in the right spot to hear these "noises" each time :D

Speaking of noises, the other night I was woke up by what sounded like some thing walking on our roof.
I've heard animals up there before. We have a good sized weeping willow along side our house that hangs over our roof ( great for shade ).
Before we fenced in the inner yard and put my sisters dog there, every once in a while we would get cats up there, going after birds I assume.

We even had a few large cats go up there, think it was a bob cat. Didn't want to go out and look lol we made some noise and heard it get off and leave. The next day we found prints that looked like a large cat.
I had come face to face with a mt. lion in the yard one time so it could have been one of those, but didn't sound as large.
Why it would want to go on top of someones trailer I have no clue.

This time the walking sounded different. Not like something walking with four feet first of all.
It had a click sound like long claws. Sounded to be pretty good sized as it was very easy to hear.
When something comes into the yard, the dogs act up. There was none of this.
No other noise.
I went to go see what the dogs were up to, they can be seen by the windows as they are tight up to our place ( I was not going out there, learned my lesson on that one lol ). Two on one side were sleeping, my sisters dog was just looking at the roof.
It stayed up there for some time just moving around slowly. Then nothing, no noise at all.

A few nights later Jorden heard it as well, clicking sound and all.

I'm thinking it's a large bird of some kind, but as Jorden pointed out it didn't walk like a bird.

It took fairly long steps, put it's foot down heal first, then the click sound like claws.
You could clearly hear each sound. Just slowly moving around the roof.

So what kind of large bird walks in slow long strides ( it didn't hop at all ) in the middle of the night.
We have seen large birds of pray around here during the day time..... Maybe a owl.......a large owl.
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