Saturday, July 31, 2010

house socks, sunhats and roses

In the past Jorden has grown some rather large roses, one of his new bushes has some of the smallest flowers I've seen.
Very colorful, smell great just tiny :D

A few days back I had nothing on my needles *shock* wanting to use up some of my "left over" yarn I grabbed two small balls I had left from a pair of house socks.
A little less than 57 yards each. Worsted weight, I think it was 'I love this yarn" in jazz or something like that.
I wasn't real thrilled with the first pair as the yarn is very stretchy, way stretcher than the other color ways I've used.

I didn't really have anything in mind when I started knitting, thinking maybe a set of wrist warmers or mittens.
After I got a few inches of 2 by 2 done in the round on each, they were calling ( begging really.. quite sad ;) ) to be socks.
Having changed the needle size and the amount of cast on stitches, I wasn't sure if I'd have enough yarn to do the whole foot let alone the toes

it was cutting it close, this is all the yarn I had "left over" about a yard on each sock. Best part they fit great :D

My aunt's birthday is in a few days, she had asked me to make her a sunhat. Got it done yesterday. She also asked for some scrubbies and cloths. Got some scrubbies done, now on to the clothes.

Every year I go into how much the storms keep me off line :( this summer has been one lightening storm after another. Been getting some wind and rain to go with it, but all in all a pretty fair July.

Brent fixed the guys computer, and up graded it to boot :D so we're back up and running ( weather permitting )
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