Saturday, June 19, 2010

Need to make changes

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize this is not working.
That happened to me last night, or was it this morning I'm not really sure anymore. Two nights of very little sleep will do that to ya.
As I was trying to get just a bit of sleep it dawned on me Brent my husband had spent all of his time off working to fix my car.
He comes home and goes out to the shop and keeps at it until dinner then heads back out.
Our evenings together as a family no longer happen, why because he's trying so hard to get my car fixed so the boys and I can give Reiki to the animals at the shelter.
Helping out is very nice and all, but at what cost.
It isn't just the time spent fixing the car, that in itself is a good thing, but could be done in our time. This shelter is over a 100 mile round trip for us. So it eats up the whole day, just to spend a hour there.
The only reason we went to this shelter is to help out a new friend. She stops there on her way home from work. The plan was to help once or twice, and that would be it. She was doing a good thing, and we wanted to help her a little.
Then a few days ago she tells me, the people at the shelter are going to put down this dog who has only been there a short time, if she can't make a change in this dog. There is nothing wrong with this dog he's a Rottie and acts like it.
I can not afford the gas money for what amounts to threats. Not when there is a shelter in walking distance from my home. They really don't kill the animals there, not something they just say.
It's not just this, they have stressed out our new friend to the point where she's sending me dozens of emails every few days. I can't keep up. Everything I wanted to do has been put on hold. It can't go on. The stress is getting to me, and for what reason.
My house isn't getting cleaned, my pets are not getting the treatment they are used to. Even my knitting was on hold, no more.
It was really cool to help, I just can't afford this money wise, time wise, stress wise.
My plan was to help people, that's what I need to be doing.
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