Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

I have had a really different kind of weekend. All in all a very good one.....

Saturday morning I posted about how I felt I was at the end of this particular "rope" in my life. I am more sure now then ever. Thanks :D Stress be damned ;)

Yesterday ( Fathers Day ) we cooked out, it was great. Even the food I was told lol, didn't burn anything this time :D

We had a really nice night.

Talked about everything from BP to fairies lol

This is my Mom And Dad .

They were happier than this looks ;) I had just flashed them with the red light thingy on my camera, almost blinded everyone then the camera goes off a bit late lol

Dad showed the boys his family photos.
This is my Great Grandfather and Grandmother, with his parents :D This photo is close to 100 years old Sweet :D
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