Thursday, February 25, 2010


This last Sunday was Jorden's 16 birthday :D :D :D
We went boot shopping. All my guys needed new boots. This is no easy feat ( okay bad pun ). They all had different ideas of what a boot should be. Andre was the first to find a pair, at the first stop :D a few stores later Brent found a nice pair. Many stores later Jorden found a pair that will work for now. I don't think they are as sturdy as the others, but that's what he wanted so as long as he is happy SWEET :D

When we got home Nemmy decided to make a bed out of the box.

That's when I saw the boot maker's name..... LOL

She been sleeping in her "cat box" everyday, and was not pleased to find one of the other cats thought it was a scratching post ;)

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