Monday, January 25, 2010


The last time I posted anything about the "odd" things happening around here. I told you all about how I was going to email a web site on haunting and such.

Well I did. I gave them a very brief account of just the last few things to have happened.

They sent me a real nice email, giving me instructions on how to send it to the light. I got to thank them for trying.

I don't think this is a ghost but I didn't make myself very clear to them. I didn't want to. I needed to see what they would say for a simple matter. Then we could get into what I believe to be going on here.

I don't trust very many people or anything else for that matter. I'm more of the kind of person who needs proof.

The advise they gave was good, for most issues, I guess. I'm kind of torn on this one. Why would I want to force my will in such a manner on someone just trying to get through to me.

Anyhow that's not the case here. This thing for lack of better term, is trying it's best to cause chaos.

A day or so after I sent the email off I was sitting at my computer in my bedroom with my door closed.

I had just fed my little dog her fiber and was trying to keep Buffy ( medium dog ) out. I know I closed the door tight. Buffy had her treat but gave me a hard time leaving the room ( okay it was more a sad look and her head hung low ) I clearly remember doing it.

Anyhow the door was closed, I saw this haze and picked up on the smell that I now associate with this thing. My door opened just a bit at first, like it was making sure I saw it, then opened the rest of the way at a faster pace.

At this point the guys are still in one bedroom in the main body of the trailer. As my door opened I could hear nothing. A second later I heard a lot of movement, my first thought was Andre was cleaning, and knocked something over.

I saw the haze get thicker, and felt a rush of anger pushed at me, trying to get me to believe they were fighting.

Okay I got to say at this point I'm pretty much like bull cookies... up yours, but wanted to see if I was right, is this thing really trying to start fights. So I yelled for the boys to come out like I was mad. This thing got darker for a second.

They came out all upset thinking was I was really mad. I told them what had just happened and why I called them to come out. All this time I can see this haze, when the guys realized I was messing with this thing we couldn't laugh hard enough lol

It was like whoosh and it left. It is still trying it's best, but now that we know it's laughable.

Things are not quite normal yet, still picking up on that smell, not as often. Still see haze at times but can now laugh it off.

I don't want this thing hanging around just waiting for another "meal" so I was still seeking advice.

Wow I just love the way life's turns and twists brings you right where you need to be. After blogging about this I got an answer to my questions.

This weekend has been a wonderful renewal of my beliefs.

I have been so fortunate as to have a new really cool friend who is willing to help me out with this.

I have been blown away by her. She's been doing what is called Reiki, Even gave me this link. ( need to know more about this )

We could feel the difference in the trailer right away. Much lighter, brighter even.

I have been most impressed by her insight, and willingness to help out a stranger. I truly mean really help out, like one of those life changing times.

For the first time in months I feel clear,..... I can "feel" again. I had been blocking so much to keep this thing at bay, everything I could even the good ( although they never turned away ). I was putting my Guides and Angels to test. They really came through for us.

My new friend :) told me to be on the look out for the Angels to pay me a visit. Sometimes you can tell by sight or smell. Said maybe sandalwood or roses. A while after reading her email I was still pouring over what to write...... "not" write is more like it. I took a break from everything and started thinking it over. I asked them to make it so clear I couldn't say it was anything else. I started doing some cleaning, with Jorden ( he helps me clean up quite a bit, I'm so lucky Knock, knock ), when we walked back into my bed/knitting/computer room my whole area was filled with the sent of sandalwood.... this could not be I don't have any in the house, but yet here it was and Jorden could smell it too. I hadn't told him about the email yet. Being me I went looking all around the place.

Nothing, until I got to the living room, what had been a rainy drab day, had just burst into a sunny warm day, like a flash. I stopped and stood for a moment it was a feeling of deep warmth, then it dawned on me I could feel that warmth through out the trailer. It was really cool. The whole place was so much lighter.

I believe I had Angels pay a visit soooo cool. Any doubt I may have still had was blown away with my friends next email. She spoke of all the things I had removed from my last email to her, wow

She did an Angel card reading for me. WOW this is just so cool :) I'll be emailing you on that soon. Thank you so much, you have brighten my life :)

Didn't get much knitting done but ... Life is Good

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