Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milk Scarf

Yarn made with milk. Cool

Really easy to work with. So soft and smooth.

Well from what I could tell from the few yards sample I got from Paradise Fibers ;)

Mom likes miniatures. Has a little store front "window", so now she has a scarf to display. lol

I also made a healing shawl out of a sample of corn yarn.
Not as easy to work with. It splits quite a bit, but worth the trouble. At least with something so small ;)
I was using needles with a nice pointy tip, using a different needle I'm sure would lessen this. It is very soft and thick.

Not the right size for the store, so it's mine :)
I've had these samples for months now, and needed a break from the tight knitting I've been working on. lol

The hat I'm still knitting for Andre's birthday ( this past Monday ) is coming along nicely. He's happy with it. The size is right, so now the brim.

The birthday socks I made for Brent

After all that with the yarn ( see last post for details ) it turns out I only needed 4 yards to finish one of the socks toes......

I had counted out the yards of the first skein to spilt it in half, or so I thought.

The first ball had the 125 yards I counted out. The second "half", 121 yards. Yeah that's right the very amount I needed. lol

I knew the second ball was short, but I had been planning on making the socks a little shorter
and thought for sure I had more of the yarn.
All is well that ends well, right? The toes match the sock. They fit him well. I have 246 yards of yarn to make him something else, and he like them. win, win :)
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