Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Las Cruces???

I've said this before.. I don't like cold..... not in the least little bit. So we move to one of the sunniest places we could find and not be cooked alive ( lived in southern Nevada for a while ).
Hey for a few years ( 20+ ) it worked out just fine. Didn't even wear a sweater for the first 5 years!

This was a few days ago, now you can't even see the mountains. Even though we live pretty far up the side of the Organs we never get snow that lasts for more then a few hours if that long, and never sticks around over night, oh yeah right "never say never" ( knock, knock, knock )

Sure it's pretty and all, for a few minutes. ( That had been really working out well for us ; ) )
Right now our water pipes are frozen and my herbs don't look very happy : (
I must say the other morning as I was rushing to the hospital with a kidney stone, the mountains were so beautiful. DH didn't want to stop for a photo, he's so sweet : )

Speaking of DH, he got promoted at work YIPPEE full time hours and health coverage again. It's been a tight year. Still we're fairing better than some, my best and warmest wishes to all of you this cold season.

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