Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day

This years dinner went off well. Everyone was in a good mood.
The bird was fall apart tender and moist. Even if it did look a little odd ; )

DS#2 came up with the idea of using whole freshly cut sage leafs on the top of the turkey, looked a little like leaches lol, but came out great, really good flavor.

I've never been much of a baker, DH is a good baker so don't mess with something that's not broke, right... well never having been the type to leave well enough alone. A few nights before turkey day, I tried out a wheat biscuit recipe, as I was running out of time I just spooned it onto the baking sheet instead of rolling and cutting them out.
You know they don't look quite the same, taste fine, but I was told they looked like "puppy swirls". When DH told me that I almost fell over laughing. I had to take a photo of the ones that were left as they were going pretty fast anyhow ; )
The ones we made for Thanksgivings came out much nicer looking lol
Even the homemade pies came out good !!!
A few patterns in the works, just need to put some finishing touches on them. Should be ready soon.
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