Friday, November 6, 2009

Hat & Gloves

I made another hat. This one is for DS#1. I'm still waiting for him to say how he wants his hemp yarn hat patterned , so cotton until he makes up his mind.

Been telling DS#2 for months I'd make him some gloves. He also needed time to make up his mind. He wants very thin, plain gloves, with a long cuff.
I started this one last night. I'm using Hobby Lobby's "I love this yarn" sport weight in black. I must say I do like this yarn, it's very easy to work with.

As I still need a few cloths and such, I've made another one.
I wanted a cloth that would look okay, but mostly work good. I like lacy cloths for foaming bath soap, plain cloths for drying dishes or counter tops.
What about the times when the guys come in from working on who knows what bringing back most of the dirt and grease on them.
This is what I came up with, it does scrub pretty good, the center stitches lather up well and it's dark enough not to show stains ; )
update on door
When DH fixed our door he remade the whole thing frame and all, he did reuse the inside frame of the door, the knob and lock. The rest he put together from things he already had around except the hinges. We had to buy them. Found them on clearance, total cost of our new door that is stronger tighter and all around better less than $3.50 with tax. WOO HOO
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